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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:22 PM (310 Views)
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Weaponsmiths are usually thought of as those muscular armed people, calling the forge home with an anvil at hand. And yes, they usually are exactly like that. Strong, artistic, dedicated, and, at times, brilliant, these craftspeople are also fighters. They prefer to fight in their leather smithy aprons as their primary armor. It fails to cover their arms, back, or neck, but the thick leather is decent at deflecting a blow towards one's vitals if they are quick to pivot. Some choose to wear heavy armor when not at the forge in order to show off their craftsmanship to potential customers simply by walking through town. They wield usually two handed weapons like a warhammer, a battleaxe, or a claymore. Weaponsmiths also have a great tolerance for heat due to long hours spent sweating by the forge.

Common weaponsmith abilities include:
Repair Weapon
Two-Handed Weaponry
Heavy Armor
Spot Metal Flaw
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