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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:17 PM (544 Views)
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General Description
The centaurs are a hardy race of half human and half horse crossbreeds. The represent all that is good and bad about both races in a unified whole. Human torso joined harmonically at the hips to an equine lower half. The human hair color usually determines the coloration of the horse half and its tail. Hair color ranges throughout all natural human colorings and the equine half ranges through all natural horse colorings. The human half is related to the bottom half intimately in that if the bottom is a heavy draft horse the top will often be a big muscular person. That is true with all body types.

Centaurs are by nature taller than most due to the equine portions, standing at about 6' or possibly up to 8' tall. They usually only live to be near 100 years in age and mature around the ages of 12 and 15. They can only mate with their own species.

There are two types of centaurs, often referred to as Northern and Southern Centaurs. The Northern Centaurs are built much like draft horses, strong and muscular, with thicker fur and will often wear clothes on their human halves. They live in the Northern Region and sometime migrate into the Eastern and Western regions. The Southern Centaurs are built more like race horses, fine-boned and agile. They stick to the Southern region, but migrate upwards into the Eastern and Western regions.

Family Life
Centaur families are known as 'herds' as similar to their relationship with their equine natures, but centaurs do not necessarily stay in a family group. Most of the time a child is raised to full maturity and slightly beyond until about 15 or 16 years of age when they find themselves on their own to fend for themselves though they are free to come and go. Centaurs are big fans of outdoor living in comparison to city dwelling due to their preferences for large areas where they can maneuver properly instead of narrow lanes and small rooms noted in cities. They make shelters out of wood, tree boughs, or out of natural rock outcroppings and usually stick to a certain territory to avoid irritating other herds on territory issues which can turn bloody but usually don't due to the diplomatic ways that these things are handled in by the elders of the said herds.

Most centaur families only have 2 to 3 foals though some can have up to 5 or 6 when the pair is very fertile. The name of the herd is usually passed onto the child as well as the stallion's last name. They usually proudly declare their first and last names as well as their herd's with pride as it declares their fine heritage.

Racial Abilities
Animal Senses: Centaurs have senses for immediate danger. Their hearing is very keen as is their sense of smell even if their eyesight is that of a regular human.

Charge: Having the body of a horse, centaurs utilize the charge for its full capabilities for both in running down an enemy and for fleeing. Their hooves are damaging, but are sometimes very effective.
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