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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:08 PM (297 Views)
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General Description
Faeries in general are small, very small. Standing at a diminutive 1' to 2' tall, they are easily the most unnoticed people in all of Elefor despite their colorations. Their skin can range from light blues, purples, and greens to gentle reds, oranges, and yellows as well as Human fleshtones of cream and tan. Their hair is either calm or wild, resulting in combinations as normal as Human colorations to vibrant blues striped with gold to purples or pinks. Their eye colors usually depend upon the coloration of their bodies and usually compliment those colors. Their eyes are generally larger in proportion than that of the average Human face. Faeries' most easily noted and recognizable features are their wings and antennae. They are a jovial and talkative race. Faeries have a decently sized longevity, living up to 700 years, but with long lives they are fully mature around the ages of 100 to 120. Their small size keeps their weight between one pound to a full seven pounds!

Family Life
Once mature, the adult Faeries tend to leave home and explore the wide world on their own or in small groups. They enjoy being social just as much as they enjoy looking at beautiful things. The other races, simply because they are "different," are the most interesting thing most Faeries come across and will sometimes follow a certain person just because they are the first "different" thing that they have come across that can speak the same language. Their curiosity and appreciation of beauty are their greatest and most obvious of characteristics.

Racial Abilities
Flight:Wings aren't just for looks any more. Faeries have the ability to fly. They tend to only fly as high as the tallest thing in the area, whether building, tree, or traveling companion's head.

Increased Evasion: Being small and able to fly, Faeries are increasingly hard to hit with physical weapons or magicks with a physical effect, like freezing or burning. This does not mean that they are unable to get hit by a weapon ever. They can still be injured by an opponent, but it is more difficult for that opponent. At the same time, they also are weaker physically than those that are bigger than they are and that must be kept in mind.
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