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Half Elves
Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:07 PM (346 Views)
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General Description
Being neither completely Human nor completely Elven, Half elves have become a race unto themselves. Humans see them as more Elven and Elves see them as more Human. They thrive in the cities where they can, being mostly loners in nature due to their biracial heritage. Their rounded jawlines and partially pointed ears mark them out as different from their parents. Their lifespans are in between that of a Human and an Elf, but still long lived at 200 years, maturing around the age of 18 to 20. Their height ranges from 5'8" to 6'1", averaging 120 to 190 pounds. Half elf colorings tend to fall more on their Human parentage with Human skin tones, blond, brown, red, or black hair coloring with eye colors that relate more to their Elven heritage, depending upon whether High, Wood, or Drow elf.

Family Life
If they do not have a close bond with their parents, Half elves have no one. They are loners through their differences from either of their major races and find solace with those that are like themselves. They stick to cities and many are infertile or just don't want children, especially children that are halfbreeds like themselves. Growing up, other children would refer to Half elven children as halfbreeds. For those that were close to their parents, they would find shelter from that schoolyard ridicule. Many Half-elves simply become runaways or choose to adventure simply to leave the world behind.

Racial Abilities
Taking more after their Human parents, Half elves have no specific racial abilities.
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