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Half Orcs
Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:07 PM (338 Views)
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General Description
Half orcs are often called the ugliest of all the halfbreeds. Neither human nor orc, they fit in with neither. With humans, they are considered ugly and distinctly "not human" while the orcs dislike them because they are more reluctant to fight for any reason as it is against their instincts. Flat faced with a nose that sticks out like a human's nose, a lower jaw that juts out without an orc's characteristic tusk-like teeth, half orcs are a combination of the two races blended without harmony. They tend to mature like their human half, around 13-15 years of age and living until the age of 90. For height, they tend to be roughly taller than human while still being shorter than most full-blood orcs at 5' 8" to 6'5", weighing in at 145 to 230 pounds.

Family Life
If they do not have a close bond with their parents, half orcs have no one. They are loners through their differences from either of their contributing races and find solace with those that are like themselves. They stick to the countryside and many are infertile or just don't want children, especially children that are halfbreeds like themselves. Growing up, other children would refer to half orcish children as halfbreeds. For those that were close to their parents, they would find shelter from that schoolyard ridicule. Many half orcs simply become runaways or choose to adventure simply to leave the cruel world behind.

Racial Abilities
Heightened Sense of Smell: Half orcs, like their orcish parent, have a keen sense of smell, nearly as keen as an animal sniffing for danger. With a limited range of about a quarter of a mile in any direction, half orcs can sniff out danger from ambush, but only if they are downwind and paying attention.
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