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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:05 PM (484 Views)
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General Description
Hiskrs are most basically defined as people who are cats. Their bodies are covered in short hair from the end of their nose down to the tip of their flexible tail. Their eyes tend to be large with a slit down the middle that opens up more when they focus upon something intently. Their heads full of thick hair and noses resemble those of a human and their hands have five fingers though each is tipped with a sharp claw. A Hiskr's legs are shaped like the rear legs of a cat only elongated to give them a more even gait. Their feet are also clawed for better balance. Because of their claws, hiskrs have found that gloves or shoes have little relevance to their lifestyles unless they wanted to ruin a good purchase in the first wear. Their ears are pointed at the tip and are located on the on the top and slightly to the side of the head. Depending upon the region in which they were born in, they follow the color patterns of regular cats whether solid colors, striped, or spotted. On average, hiskrs stand from 4'5" to 5'2" in height and from between 80 to 130 pounds. They have a tendency to live up to 75 years in age, maturing around the age of 9 or 10.

Family Life
Like your average everyday housecat, Hiskrs, when they are young, spend a lot of time with their family, learning how to climb and catch prey and basically how to live independently for the rest of their lives from their parents. Hiskrs give birth to a "litter" of often 3 to 4 offspring at a given time. Around the age of 12, hiskr young leave their parents to go off and make a life for themselves, living alone until finding a mate to live with. They prefer to be solitary creatures and enjoy the occasional head pet with other people that they trust. Some purr.

Racial Abilities
Climbing: Sharp claws on hands and feet come in handy more often than not. A hiskr can climb a tree more rapidly than any other species due to this fact. They can climb most organic substances like bark, vines, and rope fiber. Bricks that have some wear and tear on them are easy enough to find hand and footholds in if one is alert, but newer brick buildings pose trouble as well as other stone masonry.

Claw Weaponry: Lost your sword? That's no problem for a hiskr. Their claws can come into play. They do not have as long a reach or as powerful a stroke as a sword, however, just like any cat, they hurt like crazy and can do some damage if enough gets hit in the process.
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