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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:04 PM (372 Views)
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General Description
Orcs are a flat-faced race with long, lean limbs, and two protruding lower teeth similar to those of the trolls only shorter. Their noses are usually flattened with the nostrils visible, like a smaller and more pointed pigsnout. An orc's eyes are smaller than a human's, but come in similar colors, like blue, green, hazel, and brown. Their eyes, however, include the hues of amber and black as well. They stand only a little taller than humans at 5' 11" to 6' 7" and weigh around 170 and 250 pounds. They often will have an olive, tan, or yellowish cast to their skintone and stringy hair the shades of brown, black, or a dull orange red. Their lifespans reach towards 85 years of age and they mature around the ages of 11 to 13.

Family Life
Orcs are a quarrelsome lot. They invite trouble, love to fight, and use their physical strength to intimidate other races as well as other orcs. Their families are only cohesive when there are young children to be reared, to be taught how to fight. Young orcs choose to go wandering the world simply looking for a challenge or, for those with ideals uncharacteristic of the orcs, a place where they can find better than simply an eternal battle against the world. Perhaps those few that find that they are of a gentler nature than their own race are the reason why there are half-orcs.

Racial Abilities
Deadened Nerves: While the concept of deadened nerves might not seem like an advantage, for orcs it is. When it comes to their battle lust, it couldn't be better for them to not feel as much pain. A little knick won't feel like it hurt at all even if they bleed. These deadened nerves allow the orcs to continue fighting even when a sensible person would have stopped a long time previous.

Heightened Sense of Smell: Orcs have a keen sense of smell, nearly as keen as an animal sniffing for danger. With a limited range of about a half mile in any direction, orcs can sniff out danger from ambush, but only if they are downwind and paying attention.
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