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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:02 PM (312 Views)
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General Description
Trolls, often thought of the stereotypical villain of every story, are tall, imposing, gruff in appearance and covered in hide, hair, and horns. Their ears are large and point outward akin to those of a bull. They usually have two to four horns on the top of their heads; the shapes of the horns being either like a ram's or a bull's and never both. Their eyes are small and dark colored, usually gray, brown, or black, and are hard to see beneath bushy eyebrows. Their hair is a shaggy mane of thick, long, dark hair within a color array of dark red, black, brown, or a dark olive. A troll's skin coloration is of the same type of colors, generally darker and in shades of dark tan, dark red brown, brown, olive, dark gray, or black. A common factor of all trolls are their protruding lower lip that makes room for a set of teeth in the lower jaw that point upwards. In general, trolls can grow up to 8' tall, being as small as 6' 5", weighing between 230 to 475 pounds. Trolls' lifespans are not so long as they'd like though. Maturing around the age of 14, they only live until the age of 80.

Family Life
As outsiders amongst the other races, feared as big, scary, and nasty, they generally stay away from cities or towns and reside in small, family centered holdings. When it comes to the uncertainty of life, trolls can count on their family for love and attention rather than fear. Parents and children may life in the same home together all their lives only making room for the children's spouses and the children taking care of the parents when they begin to age past the point of usefulness to the clan. Younger trolls do sometimes set forth from the home if only to see if there is truth to their childhood tales of other races' fear of those that are bigger and sometimes stronger than themselves. Some trolls do trade in large cities as troll handcrafts are very popular with art collectors and historians.

Racial Abilities
Thick Skin: Having a rather thick hide, trolls have an advantage when it comes to resistance. Fire and ice have limited damage. Their skin is able to take a considerable amount of damage without leaving very much lasting damage and acts a lot like blubbler, in that keeps a troll warm in very cold climates. It is also of some use against physical blows. A simply punch would feel almost like nothing in most places of the body.

Horn Combat: True to form, a troll is never far away from a weapon, only these are worn on the head. Depending upon ram or bull horns, a troll with use their head like a battering ram or a skewer. This places their skull at risk from harm, but can often be useful in a situation where two arms and two legs just don't have enough harming capabilities.
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