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The Mission Statement
Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 06:59 PM (377 Views)
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The Land of Elefor is something I've wanted to pull together for a few years now. I love roleplaying. I love being someone else and walking around in their shoes simply to explore a world so lovely and foreign to me. I love being able to take some time away from my job, my chores, and my family to just simply find a place to be creative with a bunch of people who are also creative and talented and brilliant in their own rights. Perhaps, as a lot things are these days, it is just another avenue to escape the lives we live each day. But for these few moments when I'm someone else, I can forget the bad things that may have happened during the course of my day and remember that I am here with other creative and talented and brilliant souls and I am simply having a good time.

So, our mission statement is to simply be a haven for all those who need a fairytale world to run away too when life just seems too complicated, too stressful, too boring, and ultimately too normal. We want to help you feel creative, be creative, and respect other's creativity. Feel inspired. Become a better writer with every post. And always be more true to your inner self with every day that passes.

I thank you for coming here to roleplay with us in the Land of Elefor and I hope that you can say that you have found a home away from home while you are with us.
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Please don't steal the original ideas of the players and characters as it is illegal and shows you have a lack of creativity.
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