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By Fire's Light; Dragon and Roderick
Topic Started: Nov 29 2013, 10:58 PM (3,964 Views)
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Sir Balgareth stood quickly as soon as Holly went for the door, appearing at her side in a matter of moments. The smoke was creeping down the hallway like a shadow, the body of it coiling like a snake as it sidled along the ceilings, ever nearer. My word! We should depart immediately for the outdoors! The suave man offered her his arm as he quickly surveyed where they should make their exit. The stamping feet of servants running could be to their right where the smoke was starting to come from. They were on the second floor and a jump from the window could potentially lead to distress. The left did not hold the closest staircase. The staircase was near them, but towards the right. There was another on the other side of the floor, but they did not know what sort of fire may have sprung up there as well. We may have to go towards the smoke. There is a staircase in that direction, the nearest to our present location or we could try to go across the floor, but we may be in more dire predicaments there. I say we make for the staircase to the right. The run would be perilous and through the dark smoke that was coalescing in the hallway and obliterating the view. If Holly were to lose site of Sir Balgareth, the smoke might make her lost and possibly find herself in the midst of the flames.


When Roderick ran back into the building, the door he entered seemed mostly clear in that room. However, he could see the smoke filling up the ceiling ways. Servants, guests, and entertainers were pushing their way past him in their desperate flights to safety. Holly?! Has anyone seen Holly Winchester? Holly! Where are you?! He boldly made his way forward even as the tongues of orange flames starting licking into view.
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