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The Black Ocean
Topic Started: Aug 29 2013, 04:51 PM (2,884 Views)
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Jan rolled her eyes. The hiskrs took things too literally though she wasn't opposed to hanging them over the side of the ship to scrape at the hull if it suited her. As it was, breakfast was over and duty had begun. She urged the hiskrs to finish up and drop off their bowls before heading to the main deck for knot-checking on the existing ropes.

Pimple frowned at Barrett at he got popped in the head by the man. What I do? Come on, hey? Ya should be rejoicin' in yer victory! He spooned the rest of his porridge into his mouth quickly even as Len finished up his bowl and started to rise.

Gob settled his bowl in the dirty stack and made his way towards the gun deck, watching Chuckwaj stroll in the opposite direction for a late breakfast. The drac's rolling gait only suggested he wanted to be late back. The half orc sighed. Chuckwaj, please don't be so late in getting back. We've lots to stock up on since we shot at the naval ship, the other pirate ship, and Rolf insisted shooting at the shore of that one island with all the seagulls.

I know. I know. There isss much to do. I'm looking forward to ssshore jussst asss much asss anyone. The sssooner it'sss done, the better. The draconian nodded and then went to eat. Gob felt that it would be a difficult day regardless. Restlessness was settling in with the entire crew. Some shore time felt long overdue.


Yarba finished her food and headed to the upper deck and looked out over the stern. No land could be seen that way and a great load of things were twisting through her mind. How would she take revenge on Tom? What was the best way to catch him unaware at shore? Where did he usually go that an ambush could be set up with relative ease? There were plenty of narrow streets dockside in Brambledown Port, but would Tom choose to stay there? The orc rubbed her chin and continued to think.


Monkey didn't even really realize that Jack had left the Nest and continued to babble on to himself for several minutes, glancing around to see if Jack was still listening. He kept turning because he believed that Jack was hiding behind him somewhere. But he did eventually realize that Jack was nowhere to be found. Jestah? Where'd ya go? Another cursory glance led to his stomach rumbling so he decided to go to breakfast. So he began his long, delicate climb down from the Nest.

((OOC: Doom, feel free to respond and I think we're ready to skip to port unless you have something special that needs to be done. Just let me know!))
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The hiskrs could only frown as they saw Jan roll her eyes, and wondered if they had done something wrong. They finished up their breakfasts and followed Jan out, putting their bowls and spoons away before heading up to deck. Knot-checking awaited them. Easy, but monotonous. None of them could complain.

Barrett simply rolled his eyes as Pimple continuing talking, and then threw his bowl and spoon with the rest of the dirty bowls and spoons. He gave a quick thank you to Darly and then headed out, slipping past Gob and Chuckwaj as they stopped to chat and making his own way down to the gun deck. He knew what to do, and he knew where he was going. He opened the storage closet, pulled out his sack of grenades and strung it to his belt so that it wouldn't be counted with the rest of the stock, and then began checking through gunpowder and shot. He had gotten halfway through counting when he realised he didn't know how long their next voyage would be, and then simply leaned on one of the cannons, waiting for the rest of them to come back.

He was tired. Maybe the fight had affected him more than he'd thought.

Jack had never been more at peace as he made his way down to the mess, and he couldn't quite place it. Maybe because he could feel the wood of the deck under his feet instead of through leather. Or maybe it was because Monkey's voice being slowly drowned out by the sounds of waves and the creaking of wood. Jack swayed with the ship, his balance being kept without him even needing to think about it, and ducked down into the galley. Once he had gotten his breakfast, he sat at the bench Yarba had been at, which was now empty, and ate in peace, the din of the galley being drowned out as if he were underwater. He tugged his hat closer around his ears and sighed happily, licking some porridge off his lips. He couldn't wait to get to port, and it wasn't quite because of the bordellos Monkey had been talking about.
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