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The Facade Begins; Kasuin, then OPEN
Topic Started: May 17 2011, 12:01 AM (1,802 Views)
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Almarean sighed again, sitting on a crater on the dock. He had been there for 1 hour and sitting on the crater ever since. He completed his supposed healing session on the island, which he would say to be less than effective. Apparently peace and quiet wasn't quit what he needed at the moment. After all the bustle and hustle he had for the past year he would have thought that a little resting is something well deserved. Well, obviously not. Thought Almarean bitterly. He looked at all the people in front of him, coming and going. He was bored and needed desperatly something to do, anything at all/

Then something caught his eyes, 3 yards in front him stood three people, a woman and two men, engaging in an unaudible conversation. Whatever it was, they seemed to be to absorbed to notice the ratty sneaky little man standing behind them. An arm stretched, reaching for one of the man's pouch. A thief, how shameful. His eyes lit up with purple magenta light, looking devious with the michievous smile he wore. He gathered mana in his palm and sent the ord flying towards the thief, who was obvious took off guard and was thrown in to the water. He smiled and put on the hood of his cape, carrying his bag on his shoulder, he walked away, hopefully he can reach the city today and find an inn to rest in.
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