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Into the thickets; hi
Topic Started: Nov 26 2009, 02:43 AM (1,048 Views)
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((OOC: Wrapping up this storyline as Jaette has since disappeared and am now freeing up Anna to play elsewhere.))

Miklos waited until the sound of Anna's breathing became more steady. As it did, he realized she was sleeping. Slowly and quietly, he got up and went to the fire. He munched on the rabbit that Anna had cooked as food could potentially draw in wolves or bears to trouble the sleeping maiden. For some reason, he no longer felt like traveling with Anna and so gathered up his things.

Best go now before she's the wiser. He snatched up the rest of the food and stalked off into the night, suprisingly quiet for such a large man. Goodbye. Then the encroaching night fog hid him from view and he was gone.
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