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Not The Underdark!; Tali, Shalin, and Ra
Topic Started: Sep 6 2009, 08:22 PM (6,179 Views)
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The draconian seemed to get thoughtful for a while, probably absorbing all of the information that Willy had given him. The half elven boy took comfort from the warm body of the girl in his arms. It made him feel like a protector for once instead of the one who always needed protecting. His smile blossomed as he thought to himself, his cheek resting on Tali's head.

As Ra asked his question, Willy returned his eyes to the shiny scaled creature. Sir... We're in the Underdark. Once you get a collar, that's that. There're no if's or but's or nuthin'. If Miss Kith dies or decides she dun want me no more, then I get put on the Block again and find another buyer. As Miss Kith says, I'm a fleshy sack o' muscles so I can do the liftin'. An' there's always more liftin' ta do. He scratched the side of his nose again before wrapping it around Tali's inert form again. Yer sure she ain't yer girlfriend?

Shalin slowed down so she could trot her way over to the open back of the wagon. We're there now. Kithra says we need to go through customs with her or we'll have absolutely no shot at getting in at this entrance. Do we... uh... trust what she says? The centaur flicked a glance towards the half elf slave boy in the corner who simply smiled back at her with his innocent looking eyes. I mean... I want to get Nephi in to a healer as soon as we can... and us... back to where we belong.

Kin I keep Tali?

What?! No! Absolutely not!

Well... kin I come wit her then?

Uhh... This can only spell out trouble. We certainly can't take a slave with us to the surface! Just think about what would come after us! We can talk about that later. We need to work on how to get in to Moreikinen first. Okay?

Willy nodded and smiled at the centaur. Why do I feel so guilty about this? Shalin sighed softly.
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A small chuckle escaped Ra. "Yea, I'm sure. I don't think she'd want me like that." There was a hint of sadness in his voice. He had never found someone as exotic, beautiful as Nephi.

He nodded at Shalin as she came around, and a small laugh escaped him. He wouldn't leave Tali behind either, but the boy asking if he could keep her was definitely amusing. "Well, we don't have much of a choice, Kithra is all we have. If we are to get back to the surface, we need to be going through with the drow. This might be the only way to go.

Thinking about the second question of the boy's, Ra grew thoughtful for a moment more, Maybe we could buy him from Kithra...or something. He didn't know, but his thoughts were silenced again as he looked back at Shalin. He hoped they were almost back to the sunlight.
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Okay. I'll let Kithra know that we're coming with her then. I just wanted to check with you. It's just... so hard to know what to do around here. I'm so sick of the darkness. I need the sunlight. I need to know what time of day it is again! She sighed again. Willy stifled a chuckle.

It's near lunchtime as I kin figure.

Shalin trotted back up to the front of the wagon.

((OOC: Moving us to Moreikinen... Feel free to respond here and then there if you'd like. Click here for next thread! :)))
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