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Sage's technique slipped up a bit, and he received quite the nasty gash across his left shoulder from a handaxe. He barely managed to finish off the bandit he was dealing with. It was then a horn sounded, and the few remaining bandits began to run.

He coughed several times, before looking over to his companions.

Whew... everyone alright?

There was a faint grin plastered across his face even as his injury wept blood, and he cringed slightly.


While trying to evade a bandit, Sel mis-stepped, tripping on the hem of her cloak and tearing it a good measure, while falling to the ground. However she was spared, for at that moment, the retreat horn sounded.

The bandit in question looked disappointed, and quite bloodthristy, but one look at the Centaur-Warrior he hadn't noticed before, and he took off.

She let out a sigh of relief as the bandits fell back, though she quickly noticed her brother was injured. She shook her head as she got to her feet, sheathed her weapon and moved over to her pack, digging out a paper package full of herbs, and borrowing some cloth ripped from her cloak.

After forcing her stubborn sibling, who kept insisting he was alright, to sit down, She tended to his injury as best she could, but one question was lingering on her mind, and she voiced it.

Why did they retreat?
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