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Kat smiled gently as she rode behind Collin in silence. Her mind wandered in time with the steady one-two-three beat of the horses hooves. Thud-thudthud. Thud-thudthud. It was calming, and the rocking movement was strange in a familiar sort of way. It had been a while she she had rode a horse more than once in a week. Her legs were still slightly sore, and she had remembered just what muscles riding truly used. And then, thoughts returned to what had been happening in the past week or two. Had it really been that short of time? -I guess some people just truly do change your life...- It amazed her how she had changed from a rather disturbed, sadist-controlled rogue to what she was now. Now...she was balanced. At least, more so than before. She cared now, thought about whether the life was truly worth taking.

And Rogue...a deep longing ran through her, sending a shudder up her spine. How she missed that voice in her head, even that rough wrenching of control. The constant being told to suck it up and move on with life. And before a few days ago...she hadn't even realized that it wasn't truly herself in control, but rather, only part of her. A sigh bounced out of her. Life was so much different now.

The wind they created blew back her pale hair, and it was only against the silver of Collin's own locks that she realized that hers was truly blond, and not white. You'd think that such light hair would go with light skin. It made her feel odd sometimes. It wasn't until her drow companion spoke that she realized that she had been in thought for much longer than she thought. "Wha-? Oh. Yea. Back where we started. Let's hope none of my memory has faded on the layout of the city..." she chuckled, her voice joking a little. But then her voice hardened a little, "As for whether we're ready...I think we can take on anything we want. We're quite a team, you know...Despite how I hated you at first, I never could deny the fact that we worked well together." Her voice softened at the end, fondness creeping into it, and her arms tightened a little, the corded muscle rippling under her dark blouse and pulling her just a little closer.

-He's right though. Blood runs thick in Randatria. It's thicker in no other place I know of. Not even in the hot southern city. There...well people try to cheat you out of your money...but in Randatria...men will murder for it.- She shuddered a little as memories of so many close calls she had escaped from. But now...she was returning to her city.

Then she paused. Her city? Frowning, she spoke once more. "How long will it take to get back? It took only a few days to get here on foot...granted that the river helped...But you've traveled more than I have...so I think I'll trust your judgment on how fast we are moving better than mine."
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