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Well, Viske sure wasn't distracting the tiger. No, she was busy flailing in the grip of the monkey which kept trying to pull her into its crate, but her body was a bit too large to fit so she was getting her head bashed every time the animal jerked at her. Ah! Slam! Ah! Slam! Ah! Slam! Her back was aching where the wing was being ripped at though her wings certainly weren't falling off at this point.

The tiger, meanwhile, continued to look at Jack. Its tail lashed, its mouth opened to display its terrible teeth again as it hissed, and it stayed partially crouched where it sat for the time being, watching, waiting for Jack to fall off of the crate or for something equally edible to show up.


Bena's orange scales seemed to pale as Pokey said no. The weight of the word hit her like a club to the face and she trembled lightly. But then... He went on. As he took a step towards her, she willed herself to not take a step back and his hand extended towards her. His hand was larger than hers as it slid around her two hands, the cool and smooth surface of his hand flowing around hers. He was careful of his claws which were sharp and vicious looking which she realized he probably received his name from. Her eyes gazed at his hand as it held hers so gently, but she looked up as he began to speak again, something of relief painting her features.

She nodded vigorously as the words settled into her mind, rain drops splattering off of her sleek face. He would take her with him. Not only that, he'd sneak her away, conceal her from those that might want to stop her from leaving. Like Greb. Yes! Oh yes! Thank you! Thank you so much! We... We should go now then! Before anyone realizes that I'm gone! Oh thank you! She swallowed hard even as her entire body thrummed with relief and enthusiasm, her tail lashed unconsciously. I'll repay you somehow, Pokey! You won't regret it! Her lips peeled apart to display a very large smile.


Chuckwaj laughed and patted Yucky on the shoulder at his jest. The drac in his fine pirate clothes knew what sometimes happened in a game of passion. However, he had already waited for quite some time and the other two draconians hadn't come back yet. He glanced at the door flap to the tent and Svedra caught his eye, her shrug indicated that she hadn't found the rest either. He sighed softly and straightened himself before angling his body towards the door. Well, it appearsss that it'sss jussst you two that will be coming with me back to the ssship. Sssvedra can't find the other two ssso we'll have to leave them behind. Maybe they'll catch up before we leave port tomorrow. It ssshould be a sssimple thing to get directionsss back portssside. He grinned and tried to appear confident that the other two would be coming in the case that they were all friends, which usually didn't happen as someone was always an ass to someone else at some point. Come on, ladsss!

He urged them without words to head towards the tent opening as it was time to leave. Chuckwaj knew when to make an exit. Parehs was already hiding in the corner of the tent and beginning to look sulky about his hunting partner's departure...


Darly moaned softly as his fingers trailed up along the sides of her ribs, just barely brushing at her heavy breasts as he pushed her dress upwards. That he wanted her seemed an understatement as he pushed at her dress, his hands tucked towards just below her arms though the fabric caught around her ample bosom. He bucked where he had been pressed firmly against the wall before something happened. Her hands flew free from Mittens' posterior as Darly found herself falling. A gasp came from her throat as she felt pain. She tried to catch her body with her arms and legs, but Mittens' grip on her held her firm and she felt herself slam into him as a rough whoosh of breath came from her. The pain from his claws subsided. Her dress was bunched up around her body uncomfortably. Mittens was licking her forehead and left eyelid and pulling at her dress again. Had she taken the time to think about how ridiculous the last few moments had been, she might have laughed. But here was a man beneath her, a vigorous young one and he wanted her like no one had since her husband had been killed and he was between her thighs, pinned down by her weight.

The woman arched her back, and rolled as best as she could towards her knees as Mittens insisting tugs on her attire drew the entire thing off from over her head. Her striped body rippled with thick stripes, her hair falling over her face in great waves as her half closed amber eyes looked at the man beneath her in the darkness. Her lips were partially open as a hand took her dress from Mittens' grasp and pushed it aside before she ran her hands down his bare chest, her claws just poking through, scratching without breaking flesh. Darly felt like a seductress, a goddess, a prowling yet elegant beast who would make this one she had caught her meal. Wantses... She took control of the situation, lifting herself up enough to set herself into position, and took her pleasure by guiding Mittens in a dance he had not had a partner in before.


Jan sighed in frustration. 'Darly want cart.' So Darly normally takes the cart. She should have the cart already. Is he just babbling about that he saw her take the cart and that he helped her get it earlier before she left? I think he must be slow... The thin woman calmly walked herself through the information. Yes, Darly took the cart and went to get supplies. She will bring it with her when she comes back and you can help her put it away then. But right now, we're watching the ship. You can go down to the hold with the other two, but you'll need to give me your cloak so that way we can give it to someone else who will be on deck in the rain to watch the ship. She spoke slower than her usual tone and tried to keep it lighter as one would when speaking to a child.

It was bad enough that the rain was moving in and what had been a drizzle now seemed quite thicker. Jan already imagined that Darly was having a bad time of it because she hated being stuck out in the rain even if she had a cloak. The hiskr's legs always seemed to get much thinner when her fur flattened to her skin, but the rest of her was just as chubby as always which made her look more like a lollipop under her dress because even the dress would stick to her. Jan simply held out her hand to take Misty's cloak from him and waited for him to comply with her orders by removing it and handing it to her.
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