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Jack's body hit the tiger at full tilt and ricocheted off of it before scrambling back. The tiger felt the hit which caused it to jerk to the side and brace itself momentarily before turning to face Jack and flicked its tail so violently that Viske finally flew off. Eeeeeeeeee! She spun around several times in the air before she was even mildly able to catch her dizzy self with her wings. Drunkenly, she fluttered while trying to hold her head before she smacked lightly into another animal crate and slid to the floor slowly. She appeared to be uninjured, but just very dizzy until a monkey reached out of a slat in a crate and grabbed her wing before beginning to pull her towards it with the full intent of eating her. Ahhh!

While Viske's world was spinning, the tiger charged Jack, its hind legs bending and bringing itself full pounce towards the man with its claws spread and jaws wide, ready to bite and rip into a human meat sack.


Bena blinked her orange eyes in confusion as Pokey admitted his ignorance. He had said he had wanted to own her when they had danced, but he didn't know what that meant. The way he said it seemed sincere though the orange draconian woman could scarce imagine a person who didn't understand their own kind. In her village, she had seen others do all the things she had been forbidden to do because of her bloodline. How she had come to be, even she did not know. An egg that had been found abandoned and then hatched. When they had found out what she was, she supposed that there were two opinions: kill her or let her life but not let her breed which was all the village did to propagate its own life. She did not envy the other women what they did, but neither did she care for her own existence. Of course, she failed to even have pheromones like the other women as hers were stripped from her quite soon after the Elders had determined to let her live so she could not entice a man "naturally."

This could be my chance. It was a singular thought, but a heavy one. Take me with you. On your ship. At least to the next port. My life is only in danger here. At some point, someone who is not like you will come along and I will be killed for that sorceress' ambition. I will always be forbidden to... to do what the others that came with you did with the other women here. Only if I go somewhere else will I be safe and you have... you have proven yourself a good man. One who will help me. I don't know much, but I can sew and I can dance. If you take me with you, I can dance for you and I can fix your clothes. I know it's not much but... please. Take me with you. Her fingers moved restlessly where here hands were clasped lightly together in front of her. It seemed that she wanted to reach out to Pokey to beg for him to take her with him back to the ship, but was still unsure of her status with him and terrified he would tell her no.


Chuckwaj grinned as Stomp came in though the glint of the fine axe in the man's belt was visible even through the press of people. Both of the dracs that had come back in showed a difference from themselves when they had first entered. Yucky was more talkative and joking wearing the village attire that made him nearly blend in. Stomp seemed only slightly more sure of himself, but had received a fine weapon. Whether the other two dracs could pry themselves from the women they had found remained to be seen, however, it was not a big concern to Chuckwaj himself. Ssstomp, you have a very fine axe there. A sssouvenir of your time here? I hope you can figure out how to ussse it. And Yucky hasss hisss fine new clothesss. The mint green drac chuckled, his eyes glinting brightly.


Darly felt the stimulating tug and pull of his fingers in her fur, circling around her hips. His hands were large, warm, providing extra warmth now that her dress had been lifted and more of her was exposed to the chill. The heat between them would have to build. Her hand could feel his rear tense as she had gripped it though it relaxed in her hand as she nuzzled into his exposed neck before she opened her lips and stroked her tongue up his neck. Mittens' fingertips pressed into her thicker flesh and began to drag up her body, her dress lifting with it. The fabric rubbed against her fur, brushing it all the wrong way in the right way. She moaned softly and wriggled slightly in his grasp, pushing herself against him, towards his hands. More of her pressed into his palms and there was plenty of flesh to go around. Her tail lashed and curled even as her clawed toes dug into the ground, flexing and then retracting.

Her left hand slid up to the back rim of his braies and her right hand to the front and side. She pushed them down past his hips in an easy motion even as she pressed her upper half against him, the heavy breasts under her clothes flattening against him. Her tongue tugged at the fur at his neck, moving in circles and then in a straight course upwards even as her nose nuzzled into his jaw. Wantses. Wantses. Her left hand stroked his newly bare rear, the fur coarse, yet softer than she had expected. Her right hand unclasped the cloak at her neck so it fluttered down to the floor like a dark bat's wing which would make it even easier for him to push her dress up as high as he wanted to the point of letting him lift it all the way off if that was what he desired. Her bare skin rubbed at his newly uncovered lower half as she pressed against him. Her body vibrated with her purr, making it as clear as she could so Mittens would have no worries that she had a wish to put a stop to this behavior. Her breath steamed in the air, curling in vapors around his face. Wantses. Touches.... Wantses.... Her voice was a soft moan whispered into the flesh of his throat. The claws on her fingers flexed, poking ever so lightly into his skin before retracting again as if she was restraining herself so as not to frighten him.


Jan snorted as Harold called the whole thing extravagant. Summoning the dwarf had accomplished what she had intended. The dwarf's magic was shown off so people knew that Harogi was a deadly cannon of a man who should not be messed with and that Jan was pretty much in control. The woman loved to be in control. I wouldn't mind having that one under me. The hiskrs and this one... Of course, even in her head it sounded innocent at first, but then took a new meaning for a moment which she pushed away. She was about to ask the one hiskr who hadn't given his cloak back what he was doing when he began to flap his jaws. At first, nothing came out of his light grey face. Jan was beginning to think that he had some sort of mental disorder when he spat out words. Albeit, the words didn't make sense, but at least they were words. Jan's eyebrows scrunched down in an expression of confusion. She had missed the first word and 'Darly cart' didn't make any sense. Darly's in town getting supplies. She won't be back until she's done with that. We'll have to wait for her to get back. The words came out of her slowly as if she was unsure if the light grey one would understand Common. Jan's eyes glanced at Blacky and Chewy to see if either of the two of them could understand their fellow any better than she could.
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