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Jack waited with bated breath for something to happen, staring at the crate, his fingers drumming against the hilt of his sword. He gasped as something slammed against the lid of the crate, and then cackled as he realised that whatever was contained within was breaking free. He heard a voice and turned to look at the source, turning and pointing his sword at the sudden intruder. His heart was pounding in his chest from having to focus on a guard and the tiger at the same time. It was going to be a glorious mess! And then the tiger jumped out and Jack jumped back in surprise, swinging the sword wildly in front of him. He was too far away to hurt the tiger, and he didn't want to. After his excitement had died down a little, Jack stared at the creature, his eyes wide open in awe, as if he were staring at a god.

"Hiskr!" Jack yelled, staring the tiger right in its eyes. But it wasn't a hiskr. Jack didn't know what it was. It was like a one of the cats he had seen countless times before had been giving the bigger size that came along with a hiskr, but without any of the human bits. He barely had time to ponder how this came about, however, as the guard was screaming and running and Jack was laughing again. Madly. "Onward, my steedy-deedy-doooo!" He threw the sword away and ran towards the tiger, the blade clattering against one of the crates and Jack's sandals kicking up dirt as he skirted around the large cat, intent on climbing onto it, riding it into the village, and having it tear apart everyone he saw.

Pokey stood with one foot in front of the other, ready to take another step towards her if Rainya could prove herself trustworthy. His eyes widened as he realised that the gods themselves had a hand in this chance meeting. Pokey had never heard of Wellship before, but a god himself had told Rainya that Pokey had had the heart of a king. After everything that had happened today, he was inclined to believe it. Pokey could feel the primal instincts within him that had touched the other draconians welling inside of him as Rainya caressed her body. He nodded as she talked, her enchanting voice and body drawing him closer to her.

He was convinced even without the urgency of the matter, but it spurred him on and erased all doubt from his mind. He had to save her. He walked towards her until he was close enough to touch her, staring into her swirling blue eyes and reaching for one of her hands with both of his, being mindful of his claws without even looking. "Rainya," he said, recalling her words and echoing them perfectly. "How can I free you?" Even if the rain had not been covering up the sound of an approach from the jungle, Pokey surely wouldn't have heard it, so absorbed with the woman from the water in front of him was he.

Stomp frowned as Sisly mentioned the slavers. His eyes wandered away from Sisly as she mentioned that they didn't bother to fight them off. He wondered if any of the draconians he had known had come from this village. Occasionally there had been slave dracs with brighter colours, but they were the ones who were often chosen to be servants rather than left to become pirates. He doubted that any of the dracs who were visiting had been here before as a child, and even if they had. None of them had scales like they did. Stomp looked back up at Sisly as she mentioned his child -- the one that was yet to be born and yet to face the dangers of slavers or wild animals. He shook his head at what she said.

"No, hatchling stay village." He didn't want their hatchling to follow in his footsteps. Stomp was also unaware that many of the men ended up leaving the village, but he had seen some in the hall, and even more outside, and he wanted his hatchling to join them, to eat and live beside them. "No good out sea."

Yucky heard the cheering outside and thought nothing of it. He was content to wait here in the hall, surrounded by dracs that didn't know him and the smell of meat. He was wearing new clothes, he had done what he had come to this village to do, and now his belly was full. He hadn't managed to bed the second draconian that he had wanted, but he was satisfied. The last thing he wanted was to go out and find more things to do, and more people to meet. He took a glance around the hall to see if he was taking anyone's seat, and found that everyone was content to stand if they were standing, in pairs and talking and eating. Yucky could relax.

The sound of Darly giggling and enjoying herself warmed Mittens' heart more than her rubbing and petting ever could. His ears flicked under his hood as he was petted, his fingers pushed up against the wall behind him and dragging up it. Even in his bliss, his subconscious was working to prevent his claws from digging into the wood and tearing up its fibre. He jutted his chest forward as Darly's hands moved up and up his bare chest, his shoulders glued to the wood, and he began to purr even louder, his delight at being petted rumbling in his throat, as Darly leaned into him. Her warm breath against his neck, her body pushed up against him. He tilted his head up and up, exposing his neck as she rubbed at the fur just under his chin, getting it nice and warm. Darly could feel the vibrating of his throat as he purred and purred. As she echoed what he had said, he nodded, a dumb smile on his face as he was petted and stroked and scratched.

Mittens could not hold back anymore. His tail was flicking from side to side between his legs, and stood up on his tiptoes just as Darly had done, the cloak scraping against the wall behind him. As his heels touched the ground again, his hands grabbed onto Darly's hips and held her tightly. He leant down and nuzzled his cheek against hers, his purring dying down a little but continuing, his eyes still closed as his face the very image of serenity. The fur on his face was soft despite being tangled and messy after being rained on, and it weaved through the fur on Darly's face as his cheek moved closer and closer towards her lips. "Mittens loveses Darly." His cheek slid off Darly's, and without waiting for a response, he began licking at her lips, his rough tongue scratching at her as he licked. His eyes opened so that he could look at her, his fingers toying with her dress and rubbing at her form underneath.

Harold's face crumpled in confusion as the woman above him told him to stab the spear into the hull of the ship. His expression lingered as she mentioned someone called Harogi. He watched as she continued her struggle onto the deck of the ship, and then looked at the hull in front of him. "Whatever you say, mate!" He supposed that Jan knew her own ship, and her own crew, better than he did, so it made sense to take her word for it. He kicked his legs and moved his free arm so that he was underneath the rope, and then grabbed onto it, pushing the tip of the spear up against some of the sturdy planks that made up the hull of the ship. Even though he was holding onto the rope, his legs continued to kick underneath the water to help keep himself up. He supposed the metal of the spear could work in between the planks.

He brought the spear back, focusing on the watertight line in front of him, and then jabbed it into the wood. The boards parted slightly, and it seemed the spear was stuck, the point having wedged itself into the wood above the waterline. He let go of the spear, staring at it for a moment to make sure it stuck, and then looked back up at Jan. This sure was a weird ship. Using his free hand, he pushed his legs toward the hull of the ship, the balls of his feet making contact with the wood, and then began climbing the rope, water dripping from black breeches and his bare calves as his toes clung to the wood like barnacles.
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