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Collin rocked a bit as the horse switched from not moving to motion at Katarina's command, his back pressed into the flesh of his companions front. ((OOC: Like behind you airbags! Sorry, couldn't resist... x_x)) The drow chuckled loudly as he pressed his legs against Alanthan more severely to get the horse into a gallop, weaving between the trees as nimbly as any deer or woodland creature. He had had no doubt that Serifiem's group would have heard him laugh or the heavy thuds of Alanthan's hoofbeats in the solid turf. Of course, he didn't really care if they heard him. They were no threat worth worrying over, not with the level-headed one in charge and providing Jacobin with potential discomfort simply due to the strange sounds was well worth any pursuit that may have arisen.

Alanthan wasn't pushed as hard as he had been to get away from the whatever it was wherever it was earlier and so relished his normal gallop gait. His tail and mane were black pennants with the breeze that they flew through. Even Collin's hair was streaming white banner, catching sunlight glinting here and there and creating a temporal shimmer like a fish in a stream. This is truly what it feels like to be free. A race through uninterrupted wilderness, a friend just parted, and a beautiful woman with her arms wrapped around you. Ah, yes. I am freer than I have ever truly known. They still had a while to go to get to Randatria, TaƩlothloren was still near, and the looming threat of assassins and rangers still existed in this part of the world, but Collin really didn't want to think about all that at this point in time. He had enjoyed seeing the change that had befallen the young, elven man. It seemed quite radical from the drow's standpoint, but perhaps that Corporal from the city could work miracles in the hearts of those already open to it.

Collin's sunset orbs glinted in the sporadic light. To the beauty of life do we look for guidance in our everyday freedom. These moments of pure bliss do resound throughout history as echoes of forgotten times, but resound as pounding waves do lash the shore in the times we live. Enjoy it now for thou might loseth it soon after. Gods of Weary Travelers, you astound me that you have allowed me to live thus far. Allow me to be her shield in these troubled times. His mutter had melted into thoughts as he enjoyed his moments. He partially turned his face towards Katarina so she could see a part of it from where she sat behind him. Just think, Katarina, in a few days, we'll be back where we started. So many things have changed in so few days, but blood still runs thick in the gutters of Randatria. Will we be ready?
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