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Keira looked down at the small woman, smiling slightly. At least someone wasn't judging her for her looks, or her age, or her wolf...or anything like that. **But is that supposed to be a grin or a snarl?** She wondered silently as the faerie showed her teeth in what looked like an overly wide grin. But in just a few moments, the girl's regular scowl had returned, though every time she saw a child in the crowd or in the distance, playing or grinning, or even crying, her face softened a little.

She listened with half an ear as Leeli continued to talk in a constant flow of words. **Does she always talk? You'd think she might shut up eventually...Though, I suppose not many people actually talk to her...** The girl looked down for a moment, as the little winged woman paused to breathe. **Woa...she actually does have to have air...** The sarcastic thought came and went in only a few seconds.

And then at Leeli's question, Keira couldn't hold back a laugh. It was a short bark, and actually sounded more antagonizing than humorous. She didn't stop moving though. "No. I don't want to become an animal. I'm no magic-user, I'm sure that magic is needed for transforming, and I don't really want to learn how to use magic. I just prefer the company of animals. They make more sense." Her hand dropped to Fenrir's back, burying her fingers into his silver fur.

Flexing her other hand, which was empty, Keira felt distinctly unarmed without her glaive. But she had left it out of the city, hiding it. Everytime that she had come into a city with such a large weapon, she had been jumped, attacked, threatened, pestered, and in general, annoyed. Guards didn't trust her already, and adding a weapon to the negativity of her aura wasn't what she wanted. "Why are you trying to find the library?"
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