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Good to know that you do not need to use the bathroom. That would be most horrid a feeling. And I wouldn't even know where to start looking for a chamber pot so, deary me, I'm so glad! Err... and sorry about the whole "biggie" thing. I haven't had a larger person talk to me in a while so I suppose I've forgotten my manners, Kaera. She attempted to smile again, making her mouth overly wide to show all of her teeth because the large people always seemed to have a problem seeing little faces. Can I help with your distress in any way? If I can, let me know and I'll do my best to help you, okay? She lifted her fork in a salute.

As for me, I was looking for the library. I've been here before, but I keep on forgetting where it was put and I swear it moves every couple of decades or I would assume that I would definitely have an easier time re-finding it. Faeries though... no, we range all over the place and are usually solitary entities after a certain age and start finding tribes in older age. Typically, there are faerie tribes that range all over Elefor instead of just in the median range. So regardless if you're from the north or not, there would be some types of faeries there though probably more of a brown moth-type cast instead of a colorful butterfly sort as I am. So you probably just didn't see them in the snow against the trees, but, historically, all sorts of places have at least four different types of faeries though I'm partial to saying twenty different ones because all of the books I've read on my species were written by biggies and biggies have a tendency not to see us at all. So I'm always surprised when someone does without my having to fly at their face like a big bug. Though... I'm not a bug, but I do have bug-like qualities in that wings and antennas. Though other creatures do have animal-esque qualities, like the centaurs or the hiskrs and even the orcs and trolls to some degree. You have make up that makes you look a little animal-esque so I would assume that that is how you want to be represented. Maybe it's a Beast Trainer thing... She paused to breathe, putting a finger against her lips, her brow furrowing as she pondered what she had just said. Are you trying to become an animal when you grow up? I heard it was hard to do. She looked back up at Keira. Biggies were always so darn confusing.
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