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**Yea, Leeli is about all I can remember after that...** She growled slightly again. **And I didn't mean physically attached...idiot...too-happy...too bouncy...faerie-thing.** At Leeli's question though, she jumped a little, then frowned again. "Distressed...well, yea. In pain...of a sort...but no I do not need a chamber pot...thank you all the same." Her eyes tracked an elf through the crowd, glaring at the man. He moved along a little faster, giving her a nervous glance.

"And stop calling me biggie. My name is Keira." A growl accompanied her words. She was more irritable than usual, being in a populated place. "What are you doing in a city anyway? Aren't faeries usually in the wilderness? C'mon, Fenrir..." She muttered the last words to the wolf, beckoning him and doing a hand signal that had her swinging her left hand to the outside of her leg. Fenrir trotted smoothly to that side, keeping close enough that his fur was brushing her leg. His tongue hung from his mouth, and he was radiating good-naturedness. Practically the opposite of what Keira was sending out.

The girl pushed through the crowd trying to remember why she had entered the city in the first place. A few elves sent looks of disapproving judgments in her direction, but she only answered them with sneers and glares. **What do they know?**
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