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As Fenrir barked, Leeli's smile widened considerably. She was accepted and now had transportation! That's too bad, biggie. Really you should remember all of your lessons and make sure you attend or you'll wander about knowing nothing and die horribly. I do suppose you don't look that old for a biggie. I'm still very young for a faerie, but I know a whole load of things. You appear to be a beast trainer. I would attempt to guess your age, but your makeup makes you look older than you are, probably. And the way that people are looking at Fenrir means that they don't really like big wolfies. She hummed a little, a high-pitched buzzing noise before the biggie introduced herself.

I am Lahura Swallowtail Windswitch, but I prefer Leeli and that's usually about all people can remember after I say anything. Oh, and I'm not attached to your wolfie. I can fly again and I'm not melding in with his flesh like some sort of parasite. So you don't have to worry about that. I am a completely separate entity. She nodded her little blue-haired head vigorously. Hmm... you appear to be in some great distress, biggie. Are you in pain? The faerie squinted her eyes as she tried to find whatever in the other's face would cause her pain. Try as she might, Leeli could not discover what was making Keira make such nasty faces. I wonder if she has to use a bathroom... That would create a face like that... I think... Biggies are such strange beings.

Do you have to use a chamberpot? You appear to be having gastro-intestinal pain which can only mean that you need to... relieve yourself. I can see about finding one if you need some assistance. She smiled in what she thought was a manner indicating friendliness within the bounds of helpfulness.
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