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Keira's scowl darkened even more, her hazel eyes glinting as she let out a rather feral sounding growl, her lip lifting a little. "Ignorance? Pah. It's not like I'm that old...can't expect me to know everything...and the north doesn't have as many faeries...as least not where I grew up. Besides...I skipped most of my lessons about the world anyway. Not like I could forget now..." Her voice was a non-compliant growl as the faerie landed on Fenrir, her lips pursed.

The high pitched voice made the wolf's ears flatten a little, but then they flew up as his eyes looked up, trying to see the creature on his head. He woofed quietly again, standing up and dropping his mouth open in a grin again, his tail wagging harder. Keira shook her head slightly, sighing. Well, obviously the little what-ever-it-was was trustworthy. Enough for Fenrir, too, which said something. The girl stood up, and tried to smile slightly, but it came out as a grimace.

With another sigh, she spoke again, quietly, "Well, since you're currently getting attached to my companion...I'm Keira, and you are..." She waited for a moment for the blue skinned person to fill in the blank. Her teeth gritted a little though, as she refrained from making any comment at the passing people for the minute. The looks that some of the elves (the younger adults) were shooting at her, and the glances of fear towards Fenrir, were starting to really get on her nerves.
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