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Leeli was grateful for the assistance despite the saliva. She hadn't gone splat and gotten herself trampled. As she got returned to her regular upright position, she shook herself off and began to smooth off her skin, sliding the wet, ickiness down her arms and legs, trying to wiggle her wings a bit more. Then there was a biggie talking, a large rumbling sound from the heavens though not as low as some of the other biggies. The faerie assumed it was a female by the vibrations. She ended up looking up as the biggie crouched low. This biggie looked more feral than most with dark colorations around her face. At least she wasn't stepping on her.

She looked to the wolf as the biggie's first statement finished. So you are "Fenrir"? I am grateful to you for saving me. Leeli bowed to the noble creature and patted his leg before turning her attention to the biggie.

Never seen a...? What?! Never seen a faerie before?! Where have you been hiding yourself? Under a rock? We really don't live under rocks so that would be the only reason, unless of course, like that other stupid biggie who apparently thought I was a large insect, you swat them down instead! I am a faerie! F-A-E-R-I-E! Faerie! You biggies sure ought to learn more about the world you live in! It's insulting that you don't know the other races! Her wings had been fluttering with some agitation for sometime now and she began to wonder why the biggie looked closer. It was that she had been flying slowly upward while she went on her tirade about what the biggies ought to know. Oh! They work again! Thank goodness! Well, because your wolfie friend saved me, I will forgive you of your ignorance, biggie. Just remember what my people are and I won't have to scold you again. She nodded superiorially, one antenna uncurling for a moment as she held her fork in both her hands.

The little blue faerie sniffed a bit and landed on Fenrir's head, seating herself there for a moment. Fenrir, you wouldn't mind carrying me around for a bit, would you? I don't want to worry about my wings failing again so I need to rest and you're a very safe place. Is that okay? A bark is a good answer and you can growl for no. No hard feelings either way. She scratched his ear lightly, a gentle smile on her little face.
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