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Fenrir snorted a little as she patted his nose, and walked out of the way of traffic, or at least to the edge of it. Keira followed right behind him, trusting the animal to not squish whatever he had caught. She could hear it squeaking? but not figure out quite the words. At least not until the last sentence. "Alone? He's not alone...If he were, he wouldn't want to be in the city....Fenrir hates cities..." The wolf moved slowly, carefully lowering his jaws to the ground before opening them just enough to set the fairy down.

The large animal sat down, cocking his head to one side and staring down at the small creature in front of him, his yellow eyes questioning, and his tail wagging slightly. Keira took the last few steps to his side, and then crouched down to look at the fairy. Frowning in confusion, and curiosity, she cocked her head actually rather similarly to the wolf. Then she began speaking, but not really to the blue-skinned, butterfly winged humanoid in front of her, but to the wolf beside her, putting an arm around his neck.

"Never seen a blue skinned person before...and with wings...and antennas..." She scrunched her nose a little, her face falling back into a glare, like usual. Her muscles tensed as her eyes followed a guard walking past, then relaxed a little as he went on without stopping. Then she focused on the creature her wolf had saved, reaching up to wrap her fingers around the braid on the right side of her face. "What are you?" She asked bluntly, frowning again, and leaning a little into the side of the wolf that matched her in size when she sat down.
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