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Leeli was just about to close her eyes as the ground was getting perilously near and her wings still hadn't started functioning even though she was working the muscles in her back as hard as possible. She took a moment to blink when she realized there was something furry... and wet... and it was suddenly around her. And there was pressure. Then came the panic; cold, writhing panic. She wasn't splat on the ground below. Instead she had been captured by a DOG! NOW I'M GOING TO GET EATEN?! SAVE ME! Her little body tensed as she began to charge up her mind for spellcasting.

It was about that time that she realized that the wet, pressure-appying jaws with rows of visciously long teeth weren't pressure-applying more than the initial catch. Oh good doggie! Good good good, nice doggie! You saved me! Her antennas wriggled back into their initially curved position now that she realized that she wasn't going to go splat and die... yet. She breathed a sigh of relief as she looked around at what she could see of her savior.

The foot pads looked very largish and there was a lot of gray and white fur. As she thought about it, she still was higher off the ground that she figured that she would be normally if a dog decided to grab her and maul her. It was as if the sun had an on switch in that little nut that she called her head. Well, you're not a doggie! You're a wolfie! Good good good wolfie! You saved me! You are now my friend. She patted the wolf's nose lightly in thanks. You can put me down now as long as you stand over me for a little bit. I have to test out my wings. They seem to be non-functional right now. I just need to not get stepped on for a moment and you seem to be a very smart wolfie. You'll protect me for a moment, right? The pale blue faerie smiled at what she could see of the animal whose eyes were behind her, but she wanted to make sure that it knew she was very greatful for the rescue. Considering all, animals seem to be more trustworthy than biggies after all. Isn't that sad... What is a wolfie doing in a city by himself anyway?
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