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Keira kept a glare on her face. She didn't want to be here. Why in all hells had she come into the city in the first place? Why had she even gone near it? At least no one was trying to talk to her. They all took one look at the gigantic wolf that walked around her and stayed away. There was a clear space of as many feet in every direction as possible without disrupting traffic. Which meant, up to three or, on walkways from tree to tree, none at all. "Hah. Not like that would even stop you from getting to 'em, huh boy?" She muttered darkly to the canine. He looked up at her, his jaw dropping open into a wolfish grin, and his tail wagging a little.

She ignored the signs of happiness from the wolf. She wasn't happy. But, she needed supplies...or something...she couldn't quite remember what. Sighing, the teenager started walking through the crowd, Fenrir staying close by her side. "Too bad we can't just take what we need. No, we have to bargain for it, always, always. And with elves too...By the Gods...damn the rich merchants..." Her muttering was well able to be heard, by anyone within earshot really. The elves that were passing around her gave her odd looks when they heard her angry tone, if not because of her insensitive and angry words.

Her dark mood continued without fail, until she saw a group of small children. Out of nowhere, or so it seemed, a small smile broke over her face. Her eyes, surrounded with black and charcoal makeup, crinkled up a little, but the expression didn't make her any more approachable. A small, high pitched noise was coming up from further ahead, but Keira couldn't quite make out whether it was music or a voice of some sort. The girl ignored it, at least, until she noticed that the wolf beside her was tense and alert.

"What is it, Fenrir?" She looked down at him, and he woofed quietly, and then padded forward quietly. Then he bolted into the crowd, Keira right behind him. As people moved out of her way, she could see now something falling...something about the size of a tiny newborn. Fenrir's attention was focused on the little what-ever-it-was and he barked loudly as he sprang forward, jumping with his jaws open to catch the screaming, humanoid, winged....thing. Keira skidded to a halt. "Fenrir!"
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