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At a foot and seven inches, Leeli knew that she wasn't much to look at. Her fork wasn't as threatening as she wished it to be. And despite wearing some strange eyewear, her goggles hadn't stopped anyone in their tracks. WHAT?! AM I FREAKIN' INVISIBLE?! I NEED TO FIND THE LIBRARY! Her high pitched voice squeaked loudly as people passed.

Her paled skinned knuckles turned paler as they clenched together tightly. There was a slight 'fizzle' noise as bits of electricity arced around her body as a reflex. Her fork even had a current wavering between the two prongs like some little electrical experiment by an odd, miniature, mad scientist with antennas. Ahem! Ahem! AHEM! She waved her arms about, trying to get someone to make eye contact with her. Stupid biggies! I am NOT invisible!

Getting too angry as she fluttered about at most people's eye level, she began to fly into faces instead, making herself incredibly impossible not to see as if she was some overly large, suicidal bumblebee going in for the smack. She flew towards an elf with a rather high pompadore for a hair style and tried to approximate a happy face as she flew in about an inch away from the man's nose. Can you tell me where--Uumph! The hand came in without warning and she careened towards the ground.

She gasped as she tried to make her wings pick her up again, to get her back into the air. The swat must've been horribly harder than she had expected. Her normally curled antennas were straight as she fell towards the horribly far away ground. Pull up! Pull up! Oh no! Mayday! Mayday! I'm going down! HEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP! Her scream was horribly high-pitched and she began to wonder if those deaf biggies could even hear her voice frequency. Who could save a poor faerie who had been swatted aside by uncaring biggies?!
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