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Donovan grumbled the closer they got to the inn. The Mangled Mermaid was an old establishment for travelers with less money in their pouches. It wasn't a terrible place to stay or have a meal in, but it's just very... cheap. On their way to the inn, the trio also met Chief Lachlen and Elis; who had just left the constabulary after interrogating the owner of the butchery. As Gabriel and Michael fell into an easy conversation with the other two, Donovan simply listened. According to the chief, the owner had an affair with Rosa, the victim, who intended to expose him to his wife. It was that or 500 golds. So the owner went for the worst solution of all, getting rid off the problem completely. He had hoped to be able to flee the scene by tonight, and did not count on Donovans intervention.

As they reached the entrance of the inn, Donovan looked up at the terrible sign and frowned. He had hoped to finish the night with a book and a glass of wine in his parents company, not exactly in an old, run-down inn where it constantly smells like stale beer and cheaply scented tallow soap. Again, it's so damn cheap! Donovan huffed out in annoyance and looked at the entrance way, his eyes shifted to the left to look at the draconian axing apart pieces of wood. Strange, I did not know the Mangled Mermaid had hired fresh blood. They were usually very tight on budget. Donovan couldn't help but take in the draconian's glorious crimson. The color wasn't as obvious as it would be in daylight, but through the lights shining through the window, it was a beautiful sight. It didn't quite help that the draconian was extremely muscular and Donovan was mesmerized by the way his muscle would ripple and roll under the scaly skin. Donovan was however, snapped out of his train of thought by Gabriel's obnoxious remark.

Donnie, look any harder than you already do and your eyes might pop right out of your sockets. Gabriel made sure he was loud, and oh, was he loud. Michael roared with laughter and Elis snickered but tried stopped after he was Donovan's eyes on him. He was now stuck between a very awkward place of laughing and keeping a straight face, which really just made him look very constipated. Chief Lachlen just looked uncomfortable; he did not want to give Donovan any excuse to up his outrageously high fees.
Gabe, eyes are not going only things he would be poping. Michael made a suggestive face and Donovan could feel heat rising to his face. He pushed passed the twins and walked right into the inn, not sparing anyone a second glance, but his eyes may have shifted side ways to look at the draconian for one last time.
You guys coming or what? Elis and Lachelen immediately followed Donovan as if ordered. The twins high-fived and snickered a little bit more before entering.
Hey, you. Why don't you join us after you are done? We could introduce you to our socially awkward little brother. Michael offered to the draconian as he walked in with Gabriel.
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