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Donovan stood in front of the mirror and picked at his clothes for the thousands time. He hated dressing up, especially for a gathering. If he dressed modestly people would not notice him as much and would more likely leave him be. But now, wearing a velvet royal blue tunic with fine golden threads sewed expertly in to the hems; he was sure he was going to be the center of attention. If the clothes didn't, his brothers certainly will anyway.

My, my, my. Doesn't the baby of the Duchannes look fine tonight, Michael? Gabriel leaned against the frame of his door.
Michael snickered lightly and punched his twin's bare arm, I'd say he'd be stealing the spotlight if you weren't flaunting your arms around. Gabriel was wearing a sleeveless leather V-neck burgundy tunic which especially showcased his well muscles arms. Muscular and sinewy from training; those tanned arms had been Gabriel's secrete to his many nights to sleepless debauchery. Michael on the other hand, is wearing the exact same thing except his is a rustic brown. You are the one to talk! You and I are wearing the same thing, doofus! The Duchannes twins looked almost physically identical, except in height. Maybe I should wear what you guys are wearing, I have the same one but in red maple. Donovan suggested, not wanting to look too much like the odd one out. Do what you want lil' brotha!See you out front! With that they both left, Michael winked at him, making Donovan scowl. After changing into a new tunic, he pulled on a pair of brown breeches and fished out his knee high boots from the back of his closet. He walked into the living room and the twins wolf whistled at him. Donovan resisted the urge to throw something at them and kissed his mother on the cheeks. We won't be too late, mother. See you later, father.
Have fun, and take care of your brothers. He father said patting him on the shoulder.

The went down stairs, through the shop and into the open street. Michael and Gabriel chatting the whole way while Donovan mostly grunted in response.
Let the night begin.
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