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Donovan opened the door to his mother's potion shop and locked the door behind him. He sighed when he smelt the brewing essence of lavender and oak essential oil. He enjoyed the relaxing effects the mixture had on him and checked put of the small flame underneath the brewing cauldron. He went behind the shop, passed the huge row of cauldrons and up the stairs into the warmly lit living room of his home. He walked into the dining room to greet his father, who currently was grading a stack of runic translation homework.

Hello, father. How was... and he was lifted up a pair of strong muscular arms.
How's our favorite little brother?
Michael, would you be so kind as to put me back down on the ground. I do not particularly enjoy being held by you. Especially when you did not shower after training. It was a Friday and Donovan was rather tired. He did not have the energy to deal with his brother's antics
Aw, come on now, Donnie. Michael just wanted to show you some brotherly love, which you lack. Donovan sighed at the voice and watched a tall man appear from the kitchen. Gabriel was born minutes before Michael and the only way you could tell them apart is by the slight height difference. Gabriel was taller than Michael by around 2 inches.
Do not call me that, Gabriel. Donovan said monotonously. Gabriel held his hand up in surrender, just in time. Their mother walked into the dining room with stacks of bowls.
Michael, Gabriel, leave your brother alone. Henry, put those away. You don't want soup on your students' paper. His mother ordered, kissing Donovan on the cheek in greeting. Every rushed about the kitchen for a bit and finally everyone had sat down and dinner was served. No one spoke until Gabriel broke the silence.
So, I heard you were quite the hero today. And everyone looked at Donovan
I was just doing my job.
You are too modest, Donovan. Say, Chief Lachlen said he had wanted you to come to a small gathering at the Mangled Mermaid, that small inn close to the market place. But apparently you left he scene too quickly so I was asked to give you the invitation and you are allowed to bring plus twos.
And did chief say that before or after you bribed him.
Hey! do not insult my integrity. Michael and I both asked very politely. His parents snorted at the idea. They can both imagine the twins towering over the chief, asking extremely nicely.
I do not wish to attend. And Michael lost it.
What do you mean you do not wish to attend! What about Gabriel and I? We want to go!
Oh, honey, you really should go.
Your mother is right. I think it's good for you. You have been working with them closely for quite some time. It's good for your working relationship. With his father's words, everyone started speaking at the same time. Donovan gave his father a dirty look, who had decided to put all his effort in finishing his soup.
Alright! Fine! I will go, but when I say we leave. We are leaving.
Donovan sighed. It is going to be a long night.
By the way, it's a dress up event.
Why would anyone dress up in the Mangled Mermaid? It's a cheap inn.
It's an inn event. Something about pushing for more customers, I guess.
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