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Ki'ehr walked over to the edge of the crowd, and found it most impregnable. The people were close together, and he hardly wanted to push his way through it after all of the walking he had just done. Worst of all, Ki'ehr, due to his height, could barely see a thing. Damn humans and their height. If it had been a crowd of dracs, the paladin wouldn't have had a problem seeing over all of their heads, but it was a crowd of people instead. All he could see was the building that they were standing in front of, although that hardly gave any clues to their presence. it was a refinery. Then again, there was a butcher nearby as well. Perhaps there was a sale. Ki'ehr could only smirk at this as he walked around the perimeter of the crowd. Perhaps there was a sail, he mused to himself. There wasn't, though, and even though Ki'ehr had found the multitude of sails strange upon first walking into the city, he now found the lack of one at a particular store even stranger.

There was a commotion somewhere now, and the draconian heard someone running behind, and then more someones running in front of him. The one behind was running away, and the ones in front were running toward him. Ki'ehr knew what was going on immediately, although all that was left to do now was figure out who to help. As the officers poured from the crowd one after the other, the paladin recognised their uniform and ran alongside them. He couldn't quite tell who they were chasing, but it certainly wasn't going to be found out without catching him first. Although Ki'ehr was fast catching up to their suspected criminal, it was one of the officers who had managed to tackle him to the ground, and Ki'ehr quickly slowed down, keeping his distance from the group.

Ki'ehr wasn't quite sure they'd recognise the symbol of Levo on him, and all the black didn't quite paint him as a hero, and so he simply stood with his hands on his hips, watching what was happening from the corner of his eye. There was a man who wasn't in uniform that was, for some strange reason, seemingly in charge of everything. Ki'ehr glanced around and realised he was standing all alone in the middle of an empty market square. He stuck out like a sore thumb. He pursed his lips, watching Donovan leave the group, and then turned his attention back to the group of officers. It seemed his work, even though it had barely started, was done, and Ki'ehr was even sweatier than before. He glanced over at the inn again, and quickly made his way over to it before the crowd that had been at the refinery migrated over here and blocked his path.
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