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Donovan waited patiently for his victim to appear before him. He was getting impatient and fidgety. The constant tightening of his jaw and switching of standing position conveyed a lot more than he wished to despite his stoic appearance. He would really wished to be able to return home resting just above his mother's potion shop. Maybe open a new book in his collection and read for as long as he can before his brothers drags him to one of the bars they like.

Donovan was snapped out of his inner trance when he saw a dark haired woman in a burgundy dress walk in the direction of the refinery, immediately Donovan followed. He stood behind the woman and watched as she held the lock of the door and muttered valos innutos, with a click the lock opened and the woman pushed the door open. Looking back at Donovan, or it seemed when she was merely checking over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her, she entered the refinery with Donovan following her through. She stood against one of the beams and looked at the ground. Years of experience of reading facial languages said that she was feeling anxious and nervous. What is this all about? Donovan wondered. Soon, a hooded figure entered the refinery and to Donovan's surprise. It was the owner of the butchery.

Did you bring it? The victim demanded; her voice tight with nervousness
Yes, it's all here.
Good, bring it here to me. What is this? An exchange? Is this woman a thief? The owner of the butchery walked towards the woman and reached behind him. He pulled out a knife; the woman was caught off guard and had no time to react at all. The owner starting slashing away. The woman tried to scream but a cut to her throat ended it. She fell to the ground like a rag doll. Donovan had seen enough. He let his surroundings melt and swirled away. And oh boy, did he feel dizzy. It was not at his one hour limit but it was cutting pretty close to it. He shook his head a little and looked at Elis.

Where is the owner of the butchery?
Well, I just got word that he wasn't in the butchery anymore. Some officers went down to his house to search for him but he wasn't there as well. Bloody fantastic.
I need to speak to the chief. Donovan walked out of the refinery with Elis trailing behind him like a little puppy. He found the chief bellowing at another poor bloke of an officer. When he saw Donovan his whole demeanor changed in seconds.
Donovan! I hope your insight was more fruitful than mine. I have some rather inconvenient news...
I know. The owner of the butcher is gone and for a very good reason. He was the killer. You need to get your sketch artists together. I am going to take a look at his place now... Donovan abruptly stopped his sentence when he spotted an familiar face. It was the owner! Well, that is someone stupid enough to stick around the scene of his own crime.
He's right there! The owner! His over there! Before the Elis and the chief had the chance to turn around. Donovan was on his legs running already. The owner turned around and bolted in the opposite direction of the market.
Someone catch him! Donovan shouted, still in pursuit. The officers had all started a leg race with the butcher and soon, these well trained professional actually succeeded in tackling him to the ground. Donovan looked very satisfied with the result and turned around to face to panting duos.
Chief, Elis. I will be on my way. Interrogate him all you want. I am considering this case closed. With that Donovan left them to catch the breaths. He was finally getting to go home.
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