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Ki'ehr made his way through Phenvast with one thing on his mind -- finding an inn. He glanced behind him, taking note of the stalls there, and then turned his attention forward again. Ki'ehr frowned as he tried to make sense of the city. Phenvast didn't seem to be a very well organised city. It was about as haphazard as the vines that laced its buildings. The draconian foreigner didn't even quite know if he'd passed through the market district, or if people just set up shop wherever they felt like. The whole city was probably a market district. Ki'ehr gave a wry grin at the thought of the local inn -- a stall on the side of the road that rented pillows for the night.

It became easier to see as he ventured further into the city and the crowd thinned, although there still wasn't any sign of an inn. The shops had become less stall-y and more building-y, though, and so that seemed to indicate he was moving toward the city centre. There were still plenty of sails, though. Lots of yellows and pinks and greens in this part of the city, for some strange reason that probably wasn't even known to the townspeople. Something below all of the sails soon caught his attention though. It was a crowd. No wonder the streets and the markets weren't bustling with their usual masses of customers -- they were all over here. There was mumbling and talking and the very vague sound of shouting from beyond the crowd. Phenvast hardly seemed like a place for a preacher, not in the least one who ordered rather than educated.

Ki'ehr looked around once more, and shook his head in disbelief as his gaze met the entrance to an inn. "Levo is not one for tests." His voice was a mumble as he glanced from the crowd to the inn. It was a cheap building, yet there was a certain homeliness to it. The vines that snaked up its walls thrived, a lush green against the moss-covered masonry, and connecting the inn to the building next to it was a deep green sail, that almost seemed to match the colour of the vines a little too well. Its flapping was almost tempting. Ki'ehr clearly cleared his throat, and reached a conclusion. He raised his arm slightly and then buried his snout in his armpit, taking in a long whiff. He didn't actually smell too bad.

Levo, thank you for your guidance. Ki'ehe began making his way over to the crowd, praying to the god on high that nobody would turn their head and skewer themselves on his trident. That might be an even worse impression to make than he had on his last town visit.
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