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Donovan was having an exceedingly hard time suppressing his irritation. Many dark glares was sent at way of his innocent companion, who looked stiff as a board. He wrapped his dark green cloak tighter around his shoulder. He's legs making the edge of the cloak flap every time his knees kicked against it with his fast pace. Constable Elis looked warily at his way, only to find the shadows of Donovan's green eyes on him. He quickly glanced away and kept his eyes trained on the road before him, suddenly very interested in how many pebbles were on the dusky road. Shouldn't you be explaining what you found on our way there? Or do you plan on wasting time? Constable Elis jumped, quite literally.

The owner of the refinery went out for the morning so he had the refinery locked up for the better half of the day. He came back and found the door unlocked but the lock wasn't cut or picked. He went in and found a female body with multiple lacerations. We couldn't find a weapon and, well, the chief told me to come fetch you... Elis thanked all deity for giving him the strength to finish his sentence without stammering.
Has the coroner been at the scene?
Yes, but other than the obvious laceration, nothing else.
We tried, but the refinery is way too close to the market and everyone is busy with whatever the heck the are busy with. The owner of the butchery nearby did say he saw a hooded figure exited the refinery, but then again, He just assumed it was the owner of the refinery plant.

They were close too the scene and Donovan could already see a man in his late fifties yelling at a younger male around Elis' age. Chief Constable Lachlen made his way to his current position one year before Donovan's application. Rumor has it that he was paid by one of the parents' of the applicants for a position at a cost of Donovan's, but Donovan was not interested in looking into the truth behind those rumors. As he came closer he could hear Chief Lachlen's booming bass of a voice. The man certainly had a set of big lungs.

I don't particularly care why your failure had to cost me my precious time. I don't care if the coroner is a crippled old man with semi-deaf ears. I want the autopsy tonight, or you might as well lay on the autopsy table yourself! The younger constable rushed away hurriedly, all color drained from his face. The chief barked out a loud curse making all people around him look up in shock and disdain. The chief's beady eyes landed on Donovan and Elis, who visibly shuddered. Years of working under the chief has taught him to keep a safe distance when the chief was in one of his less than happy moods. Donovan, however, stared right back.

Donovan! Just the man I need! The chief's large beefy hand clasped on his shoulder. Donovan, however, did not return his enthusiastic sentiment.
[color]Good evening, chief. I don't usually take cases on Fridays, so let's make a quick work of this, shall we?[/color]
Right.. certainly... I am sorry to have to drag you out like this, of course, if the situation was more manageable we'd...
Oh, don't worry, chief. Just make sure I have my 8 gold by the end of Monday. The chief face fell and looked at Elis, whose mouth opened and close like a fish out of water, but no sounds came out.
I need a perimeter clear of people. Everyone in the market have to back all the way up to the entrance. Oh, and I would like to speak to the owner of the butchery after this. Elis, you are coming with me. You hope you remember what your job is... Donovan purposely left the question open, and Elis nodded frantically. Donovan and Elis stood together, waiting for the crowds to clear. Curses and complaints were constant, and the chief's booming bass could be heard, demanding for someone to bring him the owner or else. Donovan fished out a small container and wiped the substance above his upper lip and on his temple. It was a mixture of mint and citrus used to relieve dizziness after the use of his magic. Donovan closed his eyes and when he opened them again it was a bright neon in the setting sun. He was standing at the same spot in front of the refinery but the scene he was looking at was a little bit after lunch hours. People bustled and rushed around him as if he did not exist and some even phased right through him. He looked at the refinery. There was nothing much he could do now, but wait for the person of interest to appear.
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