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Viske's bright eyes followed Jack's pointer finger as it jabbed out at the next warehouse and she was just about to flutter off at the stabbing command, but halted after a small flutter motion to glance back at him when he spoke again. Oh! Friendy-friendos! Yes! That good! I Viske! You Jester! She pronounced her name like 'whiskey' starting with a V instead and then tapped herself. Viske! And pointed at her new friend. Jester! The introduction ended and the friendship begun, she giggled and fluttered around Jester's head once before clarifying her objected. Now we go stabbity stab stab stab!

Her lithe little body flew towards the next warehouse, the slight rasp of her wings nearly inaudible as she moved through the air. Her hands unhooked the metal pick at her back on the way and brought it forward like a spear, held close to her body to keep her as aerodynamic as possible. Jester would have to be quick to keep up with her as she buzzed into the place and found a likely shadow to gaze around in. She did not land, but rather began to take in her surroundings, noting four shadows that moved around different stacks of boxes and packages. Hmm... How to get all without alerting all after first one? Must make sure no scream... Hmm...


Speckers didn't mind the mud. It squished between his toes as he walked. He didn't bother with shoes as they were expensive and mostly a waste of money because they got dirty and no one could find the time to clean them. Instead, he glanced around as the drizzle wet his head. There were plenty of places to get pretty baubles, but most of the small shops were closed. The larger shops were more expensive, but dry on the inside. There was plenty of places for food, but this port wasn't big enough for a candy shop. But I'm too ol' fer candy now, ain't I? It was a grumble to himself, but the thought of candy still made his mouth water. Maybe the bake'ry...? They had some real nice hot buns th' last time. Nuts and carmel an' ev'rything... Mmm.

He glanced back towards Barrett and Tiny, not wanting to get ahead of his possible benefactor. So what'cha buyin' me, Mate? Do I got a coin limit? It was always best to clarify spending limits especially when Speckers' stomach started squawking.


As Yucky whispered into Mershay's ear, the female turned her head and ran a forked tongue across his scarred snout playfully. It is. She hooked her arm around his and gave him a gentle tug towards the woods around the village. She had a scenic place in mind for their rendezvous.

Pasuk was not nearly as playful as Mershay. In fact, she was not very playful. While she allowed Pokey to handle her for a moment, the white draconian simply stepped out of his arm and glanced back at him, her face like stone. Come. It was a soft order, but an order nonetheless. She expected him to follow her obediently.

The golden twins giggled as Travis said he wanted both of them. They pressed close to him with his arms around their shoulders. Both tried to touch him more than the other, their tails running along his or partially curling around it, hands on his chest, arms, or even his hips. Their noses pressed against his neck, cheeks, and snout. It was possible that they were dragged along by Travis' enthusiasm, but it was equally possible that they were dragging him, their fast steps carrying the trio towards the women's shared home. The flowers around their necks were being crushed between all the bodies, adding an equally unique scent when together when the cloud of feminine musk that came from them.

Sisly was gentle as she guided Stomp towards the village by the hand, walking patiently at his side. This is our village. It not very big. We trade lots for important things, but most taken from forest. Music you hear now is made by horns from goat and bull and hide drums. It for dancing. Celebration. Today is good day for visiting because it holiday. Village Founding Day. You hungry, Stomp? There is much meat to have at the Hall. The green draconian explained things as they went, pointing out what she was speaking about as she went along. She figured he might be hungry for a different sort of sustenance than what Svedra had initially offered.


Darly chuckled at Mitten's reaction to the vegetables. It was a response she was familiar with from other hiskrs. It was also funny to see the tongue sticking out of Mitten's feral face, making him look more and more like a kitten and less like a killer. The tiger striped hiskr roughed the top of Mitten's head with a light hand as she passed by to continue inspecting the vegetables for non-hiskr consumption. She caught the eye of the man behind the counter that stepped forward and began to tag the crates that Darly was indicating with her fingers. I will comes back for those. Please boxes them for me. The man nodded with a polite smile and went back to his counter as Darly headed towards the door. We goes gets some water for ship now. Makes sure your muscles ares ready. She tucked herself under her hood again and walked back out into the drizzle.


Jan nodded at Smoke's answer. Yeah, it's good to know how to gamble. Sometimes it teaches you how to lie better and, if you can lie well, you can sometimes survive longer. Especially around Yarba. Her nose wrinkled at the thought of the dratted orc. She rubbed her arms under the rain cloak, the droplets of water pooling on her forming little rivers that raced down the sides of her cloak and spattered to the ground. Brr! Blasted weather!


The patrons in the Grog and Snog heard a scream followed by a long string of swear words done in a masculine voice coming from the best suite in the house. Finnigan smiled and shook his head, thankful that it was barely audible over the poor entertainment that he had scheduled on the main floor of the "inn." Yarba sure knew how to break them in...


Tannake jumped at the sound of intelligent voices, her hand releasing Fan as the men came into view. She watched them briefly as they were busy cursing 'animals' and then 'cats' which she figured meant the hiskrs. Draconians certainly weren't animals of any sort, being both cleaner and more intelligent than most of the humans on the ship. She was relieved when they left as quickly as they entered, leaving just two dumb hiskrs, one unconscious drac, and the two of them alone again. We don't have much time before we get bothered again, seems like. She rolled over him and placed herself between him and the wall so she would be in more shadow, her lack of manly parts being covered as she pulled her shorts down enough for him. He could certainly go at an angle. She only hopes that the unconscious drac stayed that way and that Fan would take advantage of their opportunity now before it was too late.
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