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Yarba watched the odd man walk away and had his words ringing in her ears, still trying to figure out if she heard him right. Did he seriously say 'I'll sex you good?' She could think of nothing else that would fit sensibly in the statement and shrugged. I'll just have to convince him to stab Tom before I let him share my bed. Should be easy enough. The orc woman swaggered onto shore. There were things to do. Her booted feet tromped down the gangplank and onto the rocky beach towards the shops nearby. There was plenty of time to get a room later.


Gob waved Barrett, Len, and Pimple towards the door. We'll be docked for probably 2 days for provisioning so ya can get yarself a room on land if it suits ya and if ya've got the coin. Otherwise, come on back to yar bunk. If ya want the kiddies, they're probably down below swabbing the hold. There was a spill early this morn.

Pimple giggled and rubbed his hands together joyfully. Oh, this'll be fun! Me, you, an' Len! We'll find us some girls t' swive good! I dunno whut Gob thinks 'bout th' Grog an' Snog, but it's a good place! Yarba'll be there fer sure! Maybe since she's gotten a taste o' you, Big Man, she might wanna have two more, eh? He nudged Barrett with his elbow and gave him a wink. It seemed that he didn't have a problem not being the only man in the room. Len just grinned like a fool, silent like usual.


Chuckwaj grinned. They do sssmell good. The more experienced drac couldn't wait to show the new blokes what they were missing and began to lead them off the ship quickly. Come on. You've never ssseen another village like it. They were a primitive village, but one that was completely unlike either ship life or slave life. His new brothers would enjoy seeing the difference he believed, but he had to get them safely through the port town and onto the road to the village first.

Ssstay clossse to me when we go through town. I don't want either of you in trouble right away. It would ssslow usss down from ssseeing thingsss worth ssseeing.


The dwarf with the large mole beside his nose nodded at the human. S'pose tha' makes good sense, sure. Cap'n's still in 'is cabin. I'll take ye thar. Follow me. His feet scuffed on the deck as if his soles were made out of sandpaper; however, it didn't appear to slow him down. He wrapped on the door of the Captain's cabin with a succinct knock. After no answer within the few moments he let pass by, Harogi did it again, only this time with a resounding thud-thud-thud.

Huh? What? The words were jumbled, but audible to some degree even if not exactly separable from each other.

Cap'n? We got us some men 'oo need ta seddle thin's atween ye an' 'em. Dun think tha 'ems has said tha Oath 'n thin's yet.

Captain Darkenby could be heard thumping his way towards the door of his cabin. The latch clicked free and he opened the door. The man had deep circles beneath each bloodshot eye. It was obvious that he wasn't sleeping well and compensated for it by drinking more profusely than ever. However, he was still coherent and that was a good sign. Tom would have to talk to the trading partners at the shops, it seemed. So... who're you two? The words slurred together, but they were understandable if they were paying attention.


Darly giggled at Misty's question. Many things there is to buys. Hats, scarfs, necklaces, polishings cloths, little hot foods with sweets insides. Things likes that. You will sees it all. We will walks slow so you can takes your times. The older hiskr looked out the porthole and saw the spots of liquid that had dotted the glass. She frowned slightly. That just meant that some of the smaller shops might be closed. Aw! It isses rainings. We needs to gets the oil cloaks to keeps dry.

The tiger striped hiskr led the two men over to a closet and pulled out some cloaks that had been coated with boiled linseed oil to make it waterproof. She handed one to each of the others and wrapped the third one around her shoulders, buttoning the large wooden button at her collar and pulling the hood up over her head. So no gets wet outside. We ready to goes?


Jan's lips pursed. There was no sense in all of them staying out on deck, but some needed to be there. The woman sighed heavily. Are there any rain jackets to spare...? If I had two, then we could trade off. I need two of you up on deck at all times. We'll rotate. Pick two of the men to stay up here. I'm going to see if we can find something to keep them more dry than just standing here in the rain directly. I'll be back in short order.

She decided to trust Smoke to do his job and keep order in her absence. Wending her way down the staircase, she passed by Darly and her two hiskrs as well as some other men heading up topside for some R and R on land. It was irritating to know that she would be left behind because of that wretch of an orc, Yarba. She found herself in the galley and as luck would have it, there were several more cloaks. She grabbed two and began to head back.


Tom, knowing Rolf well enough, went in to town to speak with his contacts, Kay Sing at his side. They headed directly for the large homes further up off the surf where no chance of flooding would damage them.


Tannake went onto shore and found a good place to sit without being too noticed so she could watch the ship and wait for Fan to get off. The drizzle felt cool and refreshing on her head and the salty air bit deeply into her nostrils. It helped calm the draconian a little more, settling her anger and anxiety minutely.
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