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Brambledown Port was homely at best. A collection of mud huts close together on the fringes and wooden warehouses, shops, brothels, and pens comprised the cleared space between one section of trees and another. The harbor itself was another story. It was as if an enormous cannonball had slung itself loose from the sky. The water was deep and the land surrounding that circular shape were like pincers with a pinch point between them that was big enough for two ships to pass through going opposite directions without fearing one would board the other. The land pincers were rocky and made bad places for climbing. As the rocks sunk back towards the port town of Brambledown, rocky beaches sprung up from the midpoints of the circle between the mouth of the harbor and the town. The rocks slowly became more fine the closer to the town until becoming something less like sand and more like mud. The docks, however, were still standing proudly and, by "standing," more like floating uneasily, scarcely attached to firmer earth beneath the muddy sand.

Brambledown town was no gem of the ocean, no thriving pirate haven of debauchery and sin that would make anyone rush to arrive. No, this was not quite the opposite, but it was something. It sported two taverns. Well, rather that was a bit generous of a description. There was one tavern that was next to a brothel. The other tavern was the same as the other brothel. There was nothing like soothing both sorts of hunger at the same place... or the same time. There were several shops nearby the landings for both buying and selling. The larger and more prosperous shops were evident as they were more well kept, decorative carving touching their signposts. There were plenty of dark, narrow alleyways around them as well as the least prosperous shops which led a person to believe that they should avoid going through them unless in a large group. The warehouses were a dingy collection of shambles on stilts that somehow kept dry in the downpours that were quite frequent in that part of the world.

It was raining as the Iron Eel pulled into port around midday. Captain Rolf stayed in his cabin while it rained. He didn't like to get wet. Yarba stood beside the helm, watching Bulwark steer the wooden tub in towards the docks. Because of the depth of the harbor, the ship could go all the way in on its own without the need to launch the landing boats. The ship's anchor was dropped and they dropped the plank in order to have an easy walk to land. Of course, Jan caught Yarba's eye and all hope immediately fled with it. You can stay here and watch the ship, Jan. Keep your crewmen in line. I'll let you keep whichever lookout doesn't look over when I whistle.

Jan scowled as Yarba's piercing whistle sounded towards the Crow's Nest where Monkey was napping with the rain plinking off of his nose, unnoticed. The rest of the pirates were told to go ashore and that the gold that they were promised would come later that day after the Captain had a chance to barter with his local trading partners for coin.
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