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The hiskrs could only frown as they saw Jan roll her eyes, and wondered if they had done something wrong. They finished up their breakfasts and followed Jan out, putting their bowls and spoons away before heading up to deck. Knot-checking awaited them. Easy, but monotonous. None of them could complain.

Barrett simply rolled his eyes as Pimple continuing talking, and then threw his bowl and spoon with the rest of the dirty bowls and spoons. He gave a quick thank you to Darly and then headed out, slipping past Gob and Chuckwaj as they stopped to chat and making his own way down to the gun deck. He knew what to do, and he knew where he was going. He opened the storage closet, pulled out his sack of grenades and strung it to his belt so that it wouldn't be counted with the rest of the stock, and then began checking through gunpowder and shot. He had gotten halfway through counting when he realised he didn't know how long their next voyage would be, and then simply leaned on one of the cannons, waiting for the rest of them to come back.

He was tired. Maybe the fight had affected him more than he'd thought.

Jack had never been more at peace as he made his way down to the mess, and he couldn't quite place it. Maybe because he could feel the wood of the deck under his feet instead of through leather. Or maybe it was because Monkey's voice being slowly drowned out by the sounds of waves and the creaking of wood. Jack swayed with the ship, his balance being kept without him even needing to think about it, and ducked down into the galley. Once he had gotten his breakfast, he sat at the bench Yarba had been at, which was now empty, and ate in peace, the din of the galley being drowned out as if he were underwater. He tugged his hat closer around his ears and sighed happily, licking some porridge off his lips. He couldn't wait to get to port, and it wasn't quite because of the bordellos Monkey had been talking about.
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