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Jan snorted softly as she heard the hiskrs speaking about one of their number and could only surmise that “Misty” was the one that was bouncing off of Darly’s side like a paddleball. It was funny to think of the female hiskr as the object of their affection as she was probably old enough to be some of their mothers. If I’m not careful, they’ll all fight over her. Maybe I’ll have to talk to her later and just tell her to either bed them all or none of them. Or maybe convince the Captain to pick up some girl cats… No… That would be a bad idea too. The skeletally thin pirate imagined the scene of several female hiskrs all in heat, making the men go crazy and fight each other to get to them all like some sort of alley cat brawl. Nothing would ever get done that way.

She twirled her spoon in the weak porridge before lifting it up and watch the substance slop off the end and splatter back into the bowl. Can’t get rid of Darly and I wouldn’t want to. I could get rid of the whole lot of them in the next port, but some of them are actually decent crewmen. They seemed a lot more obedient and reliable than even the established members of the crew and, even more, they listened to Jan herself. Without men under her command, she was a sitting target for Yarba when the orcish bitch decided to play nasty. You won’t be tying rope all day. There’s cleaning too. She smiled at her joke, her gold tooth glittering in the crescent between her lips. If you’re lucky, we’ll be in port before it’s time to scrape barnacles off the hull.


Mirehyu stood against the railing at the prow as the Iron Eel cut through the waves like a knife. Vohx and Harogi were awake, but not using their powers so she knew that this was the ship’s own sort of magic. The breeze whipped up spray that stung her cheeks. Some of her white hair came free of its binding and swept past her ears like ribbons. Fiend rested in a coil of rope as if it were his nest. Sleep never came so easily to her as it did for the albatross. Instead, she watched the sky paint the water with color and the water paint the sky blue. Memories were not easy to dismiss and that was why she had to push them all away, not to mention that they were all criminals.


Yarba’s ears caught news of Tom’s take in the night and it soured her mood almost immediately. The man was always a braggart and a show off. This was just one more reason that she had to upstage him. Or beat him at something once they got to port. Barrett’s name was completely forgotten in her head already as was the deeds that they had committed together in the night just as a decent meal might have become forgotten the next day, something perfunctory and as necessary to life and as dry as breathing. Instead a sense of competition was rising within her instead. Tom had to be bested. Her spoon tapped once against her single tusk with a soft audible click before she filled the utensil up and stuck it in her mouth as the men clustered around her glanced at each other uncertainly as if wondering if she had heard the last man speak.

Uh… Yarba? Ya there?

Her amber eyes flashed and she smiled at the man with her winsome grin, twisting her frame enough to put her ample chest in a better light as she rolled her shoulders back. I will need your assistance. The smiles that had begun to dawn on their faces sunk back into a bit of uncertainty once more. Her alto voice became more hushed, causing them to lean closer to catch her words. I think Tom is trying to discredit me in front of the Captain. I think we should use this opportunity to have a… ‘chat’ with him then, don’t you?

Well, uh… Yarba made a slow blink and placed a hand on the man’s upper thigh nearest to her, her hand sliding further up. Uh, oh course! We’ll help, won’t we, boys? Several others nodded or remarked affirmative support in Yarba’s course, unspoken promises of tumbles in Yarba’s bunk seemed to have been offered, though it was always hard to tell exactly.

Even as the man beside her began to stroke her backside a little where it hung off the edge of the bench, she smiled. Men. Most of them look all the same. But some feel much differently than others when I’m trying them on. Tom’s not going to see this coming.


Gob glanced over in Yarba’s direction, the light in her eyes and the men hunkering close beside her confirming she was up to no good already. The half orc scratched his chin roughly and then dumped the rest of the contents of his bowl into his mouth. Alright, fun’s over. Get yer asses to the gun deck. He smacked Pimple over the head again as he caught the man trying to give Barrett another look after the other man had become a bit more silent in stature about his adventure. Pimple, knock it off or I’ll knock yer head off first. We’ve got inventory on the ammunition closet today and I’m gonna need to know we’ve got everything we need in stock or can buy it in short order when we get into port.


Monkey was less than happy that Jack doubted his absolute invincibility. It was quite sad actually that he didn’t believe him. The half elf had fallen all the way down to the main deck with almost no real harm. He was halfway tempted to simply spring from the Nest again to prove that this was true, but based upon broken fingers on one hand, he didn’t want to break fingers on his other hand or he wouldn’t be able to climb up to the Nest again. As it was already, it would be difficult to climb down. The smack on the head hurt a little, but he decided it wasn’t hard enough to hold against Jack yet.

The question about food only reminded Monkey that it was morning. Oh yeah, thar’ll be food now. Jus’ down ta tha galley an’ eat. Prolly porridge. But we’ll get portside today an’ have summin’ better later. Porridge, ya know, is borin.’ Ya been to Brabbledun Port afore? Prolly not. It’s got lots of things ta see. Thar’s a majik rock that talks, ya know? An’ thar’s two, TWO, brothels! Two! Tha one dockside is cheapest. Get yer willy dipped, but ya might wanna get some oinkmen’ afore ya go cuz someties ya come out wit’ an itchy… It was obvious that his hunger wasn’t to the point where he felt the need to do something other than chatter at Jack incessantly, but he was more than willing to share more about what he knew about Brambledown’s lovely bordellos.
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