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Misty was particularly glad that Darly hadn't yet pushed him away, even though she hadn't acknowledged his want for attention yet either. He beamed as they worked, his eyes gazing at a different part of the cook each time he had to look at her. Mittens was doing his best to ignore everything going on around him, focusing only on his work, and as such seemed particularly grumpy, even if he wasn't. Smoke and Charky could not help but give equally big smiles back at Darly, and all of the other hiskrs were too tired to notice. They followed Jan over to the table and dug into their porridge. It turned out to be a little more tasteless than they had imagined at first taste, but they couldn't possibly complain after being fed scraps for breakfast on the Seahorse.

"Misty love work with Darly," Charky mumbled, rolling his eyes as he slipped the spoon into his mouth. None of the other hiskrs were watching quite as closely as he, and simply nodded idly.

"Better than tie rope all day," Chewy said, shrugging. Charky did not particularly care enough about the matter to bother clarifying his point.

Jack listened with great interest as Monkey told his story, and immediately stopped picking his nose as the half-elf got this crazy look in his eyes. He blinked as he called out, and then blinked again as he jumped up and screamed it to God knows what. Jack's finger seemed to be stuck in his nostril as if with glue. Finally, Jack managed to pull it out of his nose, get to his feet, and smack Monkey across the head. "You're not invincee-bull, you're full of it." He glanced down at the floor and stared at his sandals, before deciding he didn't want to wear them today, and picking his nose again. "Anyway, I'm 'ungry. Is it time for food yet?" He pulled something reasonably impressive out of his nose and flicked it overboard, it falling to the deck like an off-green snowflake.

Barrett was just about to dig into his porridge when he found Pimple talking to him. The big man couldn't help but feel a little smug as he was congratulated on his 'victory', but quickly decided such a feeling was improper and quelled it. The sight of having Gob smack the young man certainly helped with this, although to be doubly sure it was gone, Barrett took a spoonful of porridge into his mouth to further distract him. Barrett could only frown as Gob offered this almost twisted new perspective on how the morning after had gone, and as he chewed his porridge he decided it was a particularly accurate description. Pimple's wink ended up being less encouraging than it was perhaps intended, and by the time Barrett took a second spoonful of porridge into his mouth, any sign of smugness had disappeared.
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