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Roul had begun to turn away, his face a bit flush with embarrassment even though he had already determined to follow after the orcish woman and her sashaying walk. Unfortunately, Barrett chose that time to come out of Yarba's room and then begin to feel the necessity for a "friendly" lecture. The man barely knew the woman he had bedded and then dared to give her most ardent admirer a half-assed pep talk? The embarrassment was long gone by the time Barrett had finally shut his overly large trap. Roul's mouth had compressed into a firm line, the flush paled into his olive skin tone, his dark eyes cold. Even as Barrett turned to leave, the other man's hand had a hard time obeying his mind to release a white knuckled grip on his two cutlasses. The urge to slam one or the other through the thick muscles of the gunman's back painted the canvas of his mind. Yet, he maintained some control, turning and heading in the opposite direction. There will be other opportunities...


Darly did not realize that all of the casual touches were on purpose. She just felt herself get pleasantly bumped this way and that on occasion, being completely oblivious to the fact that he might have had other motives to his constant presence. The older hiskr woman was in her work mode. The porridge had to get served and well before she could think of anything other than that. Too many years had passed without her having a romantic companion beside her for her to see it now. And while she saw all of the other hiskrs as men and not simply boys or lost kittens, work took utmost priority. Besides she hardly knew them yet. The one that caught her eye the most out of simple appearance was Smoke who appeared to have the most healthy fur that shined even in the quiet light of the galley. The one that was second was Charky because she liked the glossy dark of him. The others were so thin, poorly groomed, or in such bad condition that it was hard to feel anything other than mildly sorry for them and try to feed them up. Of course, she unconsciously gave her biggest smiles to Smoke and Charky even if she didn't realize it.

Jan seated herself at a table that was long enough for all the hiskrs in her care and began eating without a word. Everyone was still working at waking up. Jan was no exception.


Monkey shrugged, all of his yesternight complaints evaporated over the course of sleep. Think I land'd 'n sumthin. Got me fingies caught up n' sumthin else. They hurt gud! We ne'er 'ad pillows afore so... dun think we gots them now. Other'n dat... The thought crossed his mind like a bolt of lightning, his large green eyes widening even as his overly freckled cheeks crinkled as he smiled. I'm invincee-bull! He sprung up and smacked the Nest with the lower bit of both of his palms. He winced a little as it sent small nerve prickles running up his fingers, but he was otherwise unfazed. INVINCEE-BULL!


Gob gave Barrett a slow blink as the large human sat down. Len grinned like a food and Pimple chuckled before giving the man a thumbs up. Way t' ride the green shark! Pump'n an' bump'n bits! An' then some considerin' how banged up ya look! Ha!

The half orc rolled his eyes and then smacked Pimple in the back of the head, Pimple's spoon clattering against the table as he smacked his hands down on it in order to maintain stability. Button yer hole, Pimple. Let a man eat in peace. He probably got a nice lay, but then got treated like a prostitute in the morning. And it's no business of ours. Gob inserted another spoonful of porridge thoughtfully. Pimple gave a pout in Gob's direction before giving Barrett a leering wink. Len, wary of the half orc, let his smile dim just a little. It was obvious that those two cheered at Barrett's success in conquering the "Lace Mountain."


Rolf groaned. He had had a very horrible night's sleep and didn't relish the thought of waking up to actually go to work. Leaving the deck in Yarba's care actually came across his mind briefly before he shook his head. Urgh! Grog would have to be number one on his list.
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