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Yarba watched the wrinkles of flesh form as Barrett moved as if they were waves across the surface of the ocean, moving in a predictable manner. Even previously enjoyed, he still retained some physical charm. It only took a few moments for him to find his lower coverings and, by then, she had lost interest again. His question came and she decided to answer it. Yes, pretty much. She covered her mouth and yawned behind her hand. I'm going to leave now. Close the door behind yourself. The orc woman turned towards the door and exited without so much as a another word, the door closing behind her, unconcerned with his presence in her room. It wasn't as if her valuables were casually tossed about the room, having been locked in her sturdy sea chest.

It was unsurprising to find Roul Fang loitering outside her room. Yarba-sshi...

A cat smile crossed her sharp toothed lips. You enjoyed listening, Fang? Kinky. I didn't think you had it in you, jerking off in the corridor. Her amber eyes glinted coldly even as her tongue traced her upper lip.

Roul cleared his throat as he moved closer to her, his hands out and up in a supplicant's grace. Yarba-ss-- He broke off in a quick exhalation of breath and a soft groan as his body was thrown back into the corridor wall by Yarba's hands on his shoulders. The man looked up into her eyes with uncertainty as her body pressed into his. Yar--

Shh. Her fingertip pressed against his lips, silencing. His hands found her hips and pulled them closer to him. She was strong; just her presence seemed imposing, blocking some of the light around them. His chin tilted up towards her, freeing his lips as he tried to convince her visually that she did want him. Her cruel smile wasn't the answer he desired. I'd say sorry if I meant it, but as it is, stay out here and keep dreaming. She pulled away from him abruptly, his fingers raking at her trousers, but her fists on his shoulders kept him rooted where he stood against the wall. Better luck next time. Yarba's form turned away from him, the back of a hand up in the air in farewell.

Teeth gritted, Roul looked on after her, his fists slamming into the wooden panel behind him. He could hear her low laugh and knew that she had heard him, undoubtedly on her way to break her fast.


Darly was pleased with her helpers. Mittens and Misty were eager to work and very cooperative, more than she could have hoped for when she first requisitioned them. Of course, she would have a different two the next week, but she had a good feeling about the whole furry bunch of them. Oats and water and cinnamon and whatever else she wanted to throw in were combined in a thin mess that got heated. It might not have been savory, but it would at least be somewhat filling.


Jan began lining up her hiskrs and sent them to get some food before they'd start another day of tightening knots, coiling ropes, and cleaning. They hid their sleepy thoughts well and she was well pleased with their prompt to rise attitudes.


Monkey grunted and kicked out, jerking awake suddenly. He yelped as his fingers flexed slightly beneath the bandage made out of his pants. Huh?! Whuh?! It weren't a dream?! He sniffed and looked at the bandage with a frown, turning his hand this way and that.


Gob was awake and in the galley with a bowl of porridge with Len and Pimple seated beside him. Chuckwaj hadn't woken up yet and was still on the gundeck.
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