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Fan worked and worked as Blistriel told him to, following her every order, nothing seeming out of place seeing as he had little medical knowledge. Fan also didn't realise that his heart rate had slowed down even more than when he had first gone unconscious. The presence of everyone around him, however, had been enough to keep him working as he tugged at parts he felt like he shouldn't be handling, and heard noises that sounded unnatural and painful but was assured were beneficial. Once the arm was bound and he had finished, however, Fan felt a lot better than he had when he was fixing him up. He left without saying thank you to the witch doctor, returning to his post up on the deck once Stumpy was in bed. Stomp asked how he was. Fan said that he didn't know.

Jack was sucking on his thumb and holding his crossbow close to him as the men came up to throw Monkey into the crow's nest. As he thumped onto the floor, Jack jumped in his sleep, curling up tighter and hugging the crossbow even more. The sea was warm, and the sea was dark, and he was alone. Drifting and holding his crossbow. The water soaking all of his clothes. Even as the heavy, metal anchor that was Monkey plummeted down next to him to the bottom of the sea, Jack was safe.

Travis watched Tom come aboard again as best he could in the darkness, smiling as he was given a pat on the back for keeping Hank safe. Not seeing any of the other dracs getting pats on their backs, he felt decidedly smug about himself. The fact that his sword practice now had a time and a date -- albeit a vague one -- only added fuel to this fire. He'd show all of those dracs very, very soon that he could look out for himself.

Barrett only managed to wake up once Yarba was dressed. He fumbled next to him with his hand to see if Yarba was still there and, finding her absent, turned his head around to look for her. He found her staring into a mirror, doing her make-up, and Barrett couldn't help but roll his eyes. Nonetheless, he watched, as he slowly woke up, rubbing at his eyes and yawning. As she came and kicked the bed, Barrett stared up at her, seeing how she looked. She seemed to look as she always did. "Aye aye, ma'am," he said, pulling the covers off of him and hunting for his breeches. "I take it mornings on this ship are the same as mornings on any other?" He slipped on his breeches, wondering about the morning routine. It was hard to tell the time from in here, but he expected he would have to go down to the gun deck before heading up for breakfast.

Mittens woke up first as he was rolled away by Darly, although Misty stayed fast asleep, being a much heavier sleeper than his companion. Mittens waited outside as he waited for Darly to change, looking around and wishing he hadn't been asleep all night so that he could truly revel in the comfort of snuggling up to her body. Thankfully, he would be getting another chance tonight. He glanced down at Mittens and poked him softly, and then a little harder, until the hiskr opened his mouth and yawned, stretching. He gasped suddenly and looked around, panicking.

"Where Darly?" Mittens blinked, and pointed at her room, quickly grabbing at Misty's arms to prevent him from running in there. Darly walked out of the room to find him struggling against the other hiskr, and Misty quickly stopped and stood up straight, yanking his arm free from Mittens' grip. He seemed particularly embarrassed, and the both of them simply waited for their orders in silence. As they were asked whether they wanted to make porridge, they nodded heartily, walking up behind Darly to follow her like a pair of baby ducklings.

The other hiskrs were woken up significantly less relaxedly, waking up to the shouting of Jan and the banging of her fist on various thicknesses of wood. They were used to worse, though, and at least they hadn't woken up in the complete darkness of the bilge, instead of comfortable beds and bunks. They got up without complaining, immediately ready to work, instinctively hiding their tiredness.
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