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Fan could only stare as the witch doctor told him that he would be dealing with Stumpy's injury. He was barely in control of his own body as he shuffled in along with all of the other people holding the wounded draconian up. Fan was so consumed with the thought of doing something that he had no experience in that he simply moved along with them without him knowing it. Fan moved himself over to Stumpy's wounded shoulder and looked around, seeing Kay Sing moving around to get a little closer to him. He looked around and found many familiar and yet unfamiliar things -- bandages he didn't know how to apply, liquids he recognised and yet did not know by name or purpose. Fan simply stood there, not daring to move a hand. Finally, he steeled himself and looked up at Blistriel, waiting for her to guide him.

"Well," he said, feeling extremely uncomfortable in front of his audience. "What first?"
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