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Tannake exhaled roughly. Hmph. She pushed the man aside with a firm hand and went towards the unconscious lookout. Monkey was blissfully unaware of the impending doom that was walking his way, her claws scraping the boards of the deck dramatically with the rise and fall of her feet. Thump. Scrape. Thump. Scrape. The other man followed along behind the pseudo-male draconian with a bit of nervousness for his, while not beloved, tolerable crewmate.

Sliding down to a squat, tail flicking to keep the delicate balance that kept her on her feet, Tannake examined Monkey's fingers in the darkness. There was definitely not enough light to even make a mild guess as to how bad they were and she was no master manipulator of half elf digits. She was just about ready to grab his fingers and then jerk them about when a light hand tapped at her shoulder. Tannake's fighters instincts kicked in and she whirled like a top, her claws flashing out, fingers attempting to grab...

Mirehyu was a dancer in ability. Her hair clasp had jerked loose with her maneuver, spilling her pale hair into the air like silken cobwebs that wafted across her scarred visage. A few men whistled in appreciation. It was rare to see the drow off the foredeck and even rarer still to see her move quite like this. Her glittering eyes held no emotion even as Tannake drew back. There was silence for a moment. The drow had the advantage, her eyes would not hold her back. However, it was not a fight that she sought. Fingers. She gestured at the unconscious man.

Yeah, his fingers are broken. I'll fix them. I just have to wiggle them around until they pop back in. Tannake's voice was rough, plainly telling the drow to mind her own business. Mirehyu, however, simply stepped around the draconian silently. Her graceful form settled down beside Monkey and her fingers began tentatively addressing the unconscious man's need. There was a broken bone she could feel, but the other two were dislocated with some pinched nerves and torn bits of flesh. There was blood on him, but very little was actually oozing out of anything that appeared to be more substantial than numerous scrapes. She tore bits of fabric from Monkey's clothing to use as bindings as she certainly wasn't going to use hers. Tannake glared at the back of Mirehyu's head the whole time as the drow began to straighten and wrap Monkey's fingers.


Blistriel cackled as she focused her angry, black eyes in Fan's direction. Come on in then. You will fix him then. I will watch and direct. Then I will not have to deal with... She gestured at Stumpy and his condition. ...again should this happen again. The witchdoctor's fingers waved the stretcher bearers further into the room. They complied albeit reluctantly, settling the unconscious draconian onto one of the wooden tables. Kay Sing decided to support Fan silently, moving to walk beside him further into the room to be near the one called Stumpy whom Fan would now preside over. Blistriel would actually help... sort of. The arm would go back in, but that would be up to Fan's ability to take direction and use what he knew about how the bones in a body connected together. There were plenty of rough looking bandages nearby that they could use to bind the arm as necessary.

((OOC: Doom, feel free to time skip wherever you want if you would like.))
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