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Rayond was a churlish, vulgar, and mean-spirited man. Threatening a person was his main objective it seemed and, when that failed him, he tried ridicule as he spewed filth from his dour lips. He expected implicit obedience to his statements though he had done nothing to deserve it. To give him a lordly title was a farce as a bully was far from worthy of such aggrandizement. He insulted her reduced speed to comply as a form of weakness, he ridiculed her capabilities to survive, puffed himself up as a man who could not be forgotten, and then verbally assailed her with unproven slander without true warrant.

Ice flew through her veins in a more figurative manner than that of her sore feet. Rayond had accosted her most foully in his brusque, untoward way. Her eyes that had been focused on her boot raised slowly now that the last bit of accoutrement was replaced upon her foot. Yes, he caused her some fear, but this was certainly too much. A baleful light shown in her silver ringed eyes that the fireplace's crimson glow only served to enhance as she looked at the uncouth brute that stood before her with only the thin veneer of gentility. Een dismissed his questions without even attempting to answer them at all. Let him wonder. Let it eat at him if they bother him enough to even ask them. And let the fiery pits of Hell swallow him up.

Her cool voice began in the only manner it could even as her eyes did not look away from his marred face. If the one whom you call 'Lord' is causing trouble with your squires, then you should work at directing your 'liege' to the path of beneficence. That is your solemn duty as an honorable vassal. Unless you are not honorable. Why do you linger here when your duty calls below? I will follow on my own in a moment. I will walk. I will grit my teeth and I will walk. I will fall down the stairs if I must, but I do not relish being near this man for even a moment longer. May he burn in Hell's torments forever and eat only ash to fill a stomach as empty as his heart.
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