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Being called a fool was the least of his troubles, Brown had been called it before. But he felt destroyed by the situation that took place upstairs. He wasn't himself, he wanted the old 'him' back. He usually cut out the eyes of the person who dared such a thing, all except, Leraway and Een. It didn't really matter anymore, did it? His pride felt half destroyed.

"My guuttts?" He mimicked Rhyn's thick lusty voice. Brown's face wrinkling.

"If these people catch up with us," He pushed his copper hair from his eyes, "they'll most likely kill us, and you with us. You're okay with that?" His eye-brow arched. Rhyn had tried to help him when she had chance. Though Leraway did say they should leave as soon as possible. Brown was confused, hoping to put off a definite answer as long as he could. He had lead men before, but not of this importance.

The wet stone slipped, his wrist grazing against the nicked blade. Blood beaded upon his wrist, trickling down to his fingers.

Nev cried in pain, "Argh!".

The three other squires looked up from their scrubbing work to catch a glimpse. Meanwhile, Dayton was muttering to himself outside, wondering why he was the one who had to tend to the horses.

"If this is your idea of 'hurry', Lady Silver-tongue, I would hate to see you take your time." Rayond turned back to her, watching her wriggle her feet into his thick winter stockings. That old question found its way creeping back into his mind. Why had she tried to help Brown? Rayond could not seem to escape it, the thirst needed to be quenched. Though he did not feel like speaking to her, and was hoping their time together could be ended very soon. There was that alluring bit to her though. As most people broke under his words, she appeared fine. She would come along, sure, but she remained in tact, attempting wit when she could. Rayond found an opportunity to get his answers after she asked her question, so he would indulge.

"Some are more resourceful than you." Rayond admitted, "North-men can find us quite easily. They know their land, and have little fear of losing fingers, toes, or even the tip of their nose to frostbite. I came with nine men, and had my standard flying above us as we rode. We stopped at many villages and castles to find Brown's whereabouts. The direction we used would be easily tracked, maybe not by our tracks themselves, as they are covered by the snow now, but by simply questioning the people we stayed with. And is mine a face you would easily forget? " He touched the birth-mark on his cheek. "So, maybe you're right. It'll take them at least a few days to catch up, but why waste the lead we have? Just because you don't want your feet to ache more?"

"I know you are hesitant to come, your stalling is all to obvious. But since you plan to take your time, and Brown has ordered you to come, I must abide to your nonsense. Answer me before we head down: Why did you help him? This question has been plaguing me all this time. He had a blade at your throat. Why? Did he take your innocence--no, someone took that long ago, by the looks of it. Maybe, your infatuated with him? Few women can turn down that wild stare of his, I've seen him use it often. But I thought you a noble women, too high-born for that. I may be wrong in that thinking, but it was just my first assumption."

Rayond heard the cry of a squire's pain downstairs, and just before he thought he recalled his name being uttered.

"That is him just now. Causing trouble with the squires no doubt." Pointing at the doorway.

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